Welcome to “The Thrifty Dieter”

Welcome to “The Thrifty Dieter” web page – or how to eat healthily, loose weight and all on a tight budget.

I was going to wait another week before going live with the site but I thought I’d start with a “bang” and what a “bang” it turned out this week – an 8lb weight loss.

OK, it’s an odd week, where I weighed in 3 days early (on a Wednesday afternoon instead of my usual Saturday morning). But I took the fact I can weigh anywhere to weigh somewhere rather then the holiday week I had planned (as I may not make the Saturday group this week).

Can you eat well on a tight budget and loose weight?  Yes. Let me show you. Keep popping back and I’ll share not just my cost cutting tips, and cheap and easy meals but also further insights on my weight loss journey.




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