The things people say…

I’m sure everyone on any weight loss/management journey will have been told by some well-meaning do-gooder that they should do this, not do that, blah, blah, blah.

What people say when you are losing weight.

The common ones (this will have a definitive Slimming World bias – and yes – some of these are very much tongue-in-cheek responses, but I’ve also heard most of these at one point or another).

The Common Ones:

“You can’t loose weight if you eat that.” To be answered with “Yes I can”, expanded to “Yes I can, I’ve made allowance for it in my syns/points for the day/week” or if they’ve really annoyed you for saying it for the hundredth time that day then “Yes, but that’s not really your business is it?”

“If you want to lose weight you must eat *****” – to be answered with “I’ll eat what I like, so long as I stick to the plan I’ve chosen to follow, I will lose weight”. (Alternative take – “I’m on an eating plan, not a restrictive diet, I can eat what I want, thank you”).

“You must exercise to lose weight” – to be answered with “No, and I know plenty of people who don’t partake in exercise at all” or alternatively “you pay my gym membership and I may consider going once a month”.

“I hope you know the calories in that?” – To be answered with “Nope, and I don’t care, I know the syns/points that’s all I count”.

“You can’t eat potato/pasta/rice and expect to lose weight” – to be answered “Yes I can, I’ve already lost **st/lbs with eating as many spuds or as much pasta as I need”.

“What’s this Slimming World diet all about then?” – “It’s not a diet, it’s a healthy eating plan, and if you want to know more – then go sign up, here’s where & when the groups that I know of are”.

“Oh, I could never stick with it” answered with “Why not? It’s a few simple changes and a few simple rules to follow, and I can eat as much as I need within those changes and rules and still lose weight”.

The Less Common Ones:

“Ohh, I can see that you’ve lost weight, well done” that can be simply answered “Thank you”

“Haven’t you lost enough already?” – answer “No, I think there’s still a little way to go”.

“You’ll fall down a drain if you lose any more” – answer with a laugh.

“You must have been huge before loosing that weight” – answer with turning around and walking away (though thumping them may be tempting, prison food is most definitely not healthy).

“I didn’t want to say anything in case you were very ill” to be answered with “No, just decided to change my life around”.

“I didn’t recognise you till you spoke” to be answered with “Yes, I thought I’d try a new body out and I think it suits me, though I may have to upgrade to a smaller size soon”.

Turning to someone else “What has he done to himself?” – Do a rough and ready conversion of stones/pounds lost into kilograms and answer the question yourself. (I have had this happen, and the person concerned didn’t understand imperial weight measures and talking directly to an underling (me) just wouldn’t be the “done” thing).

“Here, have this doughnut/biscuit/piece of cake, you’ve been good for so long that you deserve a treat” to be answered with either “You shouldn’t have, but thanks, I’ve still got the syns/points for that” or “Thanks, but I’ve already accounted for all my food today, but thanks again for the thought”.

“Oh my god, I didn’t recognise you for a moment” – answered with “Thank you Mother”.  (Yes – that really did happen).

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