The “Challenge Me” page

Have you spotted the slight change to the menu bar across the top of the screen? The introduction of a “Challenge Me” page.  It’s here if you haven’t looked already.

So what’s the “Challenge Me” page about?

I’m always looking for ideas. But they have to keep to being a cheap as possible and I’m sorry – a lot of the recipes out there can be expensive to shop for.

So here’s your chance to “challenge me”. Give me recipes, give me links, give me ideas. I’ll look at each of them, price them up with one of the “Big 4 Supermarkets” and maybe Waitrose too and then see where I’d go about saving money without hopefully ruining the integrity of the dish. Plus any that particularly catch my eye – will maybe be featured as a recipe post somewhere along the way.

So it’s down to you folks now. Comment on the page and let’s get things rolling.

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