Using the Slimming World Syns Calculator / Syns Estimator (Updated September 2018)

(Update September 2018 – the “Syns Calculator” has been replaced with the “Syns Estimator”. This is probably a more accurate description. They have also changed the layout slightly it appears. This does mean that the document below is not 100% accurate, however the functionality is still there as before. I will endeavour to try and get the document updated as quickly as possible).

Slimming World provide (for its members) a “Syns Calculator” for working out the syns on products that do not appear in the Syns Online database.  Whilst they do offer a help page – in my opinion at least – it’s not the best as there are no images on their help page. As such I have often come across people who get stuck using it.  So I created this “guide” as extra help (on top of Slimming World’s own help page as above) to guide people.

The Syns Calculator is not a perfect tool and if/when products get added to the Syns Online database – you may find that syn values are different to what the calculator says. I would strongly recommend that if the item is in the database – use that value, not the calculator value (even if that is lower) as the team responsible for updating the database have access to much more powerful tools (and therefore more complex) for working these things out then the Syns Calculator could ever give us.

The “small print”

  • This guide is provided “as is”. Slimming World may at any time change the lay out of the Syns Calculator pages (or even remove them completely).
  • This guide has not been sent to reviewed or endorsed by Slimming World.

I was thinking of turning this into a YouTube video – but there seems to be at least one video showing the same thing. Find that video here. (disclaimer – I have no connection to the person who produced this video, please leave any comments that are directly relating to the video only on the YouTube page). I may still do this if there’s a demand – so have your say in the comments box. Do you want to see my version of a video on the Syns Calculator?

This file may not be viewable on all mobile devices.  However if you wish – you can download it at the bottom of this page. You will need an app that will allow you to read PDF files to open it though. I would suggest downloading from but you may have your own preferences.

Download (PDF, 166KB)

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