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In setting up this site – I’ve hunted down the best deals for hosting, and free-to-use pictures, etc, in order to keep the running costs at a minimum.  In terms of the pictures – when I’ve needed to assemble them, I’m no professional graphics designer and it shows.

But hosting does cost money.  If I want to improve the graphics, etc on the here – that’ll also costs money.

I could run adverts all over the site but it’s not something I like seeing on other sites and as such am not going to put them on this site either. I will, where appropriate, use affiliate links – i.e. if you order that product (or in some cases – anything immediately following clicking on the link) I get a “commission” but again – I aim to have these being as few and far between as I can.

However – with that all said – I do need to make the website self-supporting in terms of fee’s, promotion, etc. and therefore the need for this page, which could otherwise be referred to as “the begging page”.

You could help support by sending me money via PayPal (but you will need a PayPal account to do so).

Or alternatively – I do get “commission” via the suppliers below if you buy immediately following clicking on this page or using any of the voucher codes provided.

The offers/discounts/voucher codes below are subject to the T&C’s for each of the respective suppliers and may change at any time.

I also hope to add to this list as things grow and I’m able to negotiate with suppliers better deals.



I’ve had meat from MuscleFoods in the past.  Quality is great and their burgers and sausages are pretty good too. Pricing is good, but I also hope to add some discount codes here at a later date.  Most of the products are syn free or very low in syns too.

There’s always some kind of bundle offer on with these guys; so check around…
Musclefood Ltd


Buy anything from Amazon via this link and help support this site in the process:

A Final Note – to any companies wanting to be listed here

I’m open to talking – please contact me via my e-mail on the “Contact Me” page.