What a waste of £4.95 a Week (Or why I stay to group).

Being thrifty isn’t just about saving money, it’s also about spending it wisely and getting the greatest “bang for your buck”. £4.95 a week is the weekly membership fee for the standard Slimming World member. There are also concessions available and other ways to save on weekly fee’s such as countdowns. As someone on a tight budget – the last thing I want to be doing is wasting my money. £4.95 could be anything up to 6 or even more meals*. However so many people come in, weigh, and then leave straight away.

* – check my mushy pea curry recipe or my veggie mince and veg recipe . These both cost about £3/£3.50 to make and can easily get at least 6 servings from them.

£5 and change
£5 and change… How best to get the maximum boost for your £4.95 a week investment and why I stay to group.

Why this post?

There was something said in Image Therapy a while back that has had me thinking. It was about staying to group after weighing in and an example given following someone who had just stepped off the scales. They said that they weren’t staying to group because they “wouldn’t learn anything new” (or words to that effect).

My opinion. (we all have at least one after all).

I had one thought in response to that – “b*^^*&ks”. There’s always something “new” to learn. Maybe “new” isn’t the right word – it could just be hearing something in a “new” light or hearing something that, albeit not “new”, may just make something twig and make you realise that maybe you could do something differently. Or maybe something that you hadn’t thought about before – or simply that “jolt” that speaks to your inner self reminding you to weigh your healthy extras or sparks a memory of an old recipe that you’ve not cooked for a while. If nothing else – hopefully a reNEWed (there’s that “new” word again) motivation to continue with the journey.

Whilst I perfectly understand that it’s not always possible to stay for Image Therapy. I know that I’ve skipped it more than a few times because I simply can’t cope with being in a busy room or the room is too noisy for me. Children, work, buses, partners, etc. do not necessarily keep to Slimming World’s timetable after all. But if you can stay surely it’s better to do so – otherwise you may as well just pay 50p to Boots to step on their scales each week. Even better yet – at least two of the GP’s surgeries in my town have scales in them can be use when they are open – for free. Although of course – you do eventually lose access to the online syns directory, etc..

Why spend £4.95 to step on some scales and walk out of the room if you have the opportunity to stay? I just don’t understand it.

Image Therapy is one of the primary selling points for Slimming World and its primary mechanism for supporting members. It’s there for a purpose – to help motivate and spur you on and everyone else in the room to boot. But it’s not compulsory – if you want to be skipped – the consultant is usually happy to do that. But if you do stay, you will generally leave with some new idea and/or motivation/interest.

And let’s put it out there now – Image Therapy isn’t just for those who haven’t lost – it’s for everyone. I’ve heard it asked before: “Who needs to stay to group more – the person who has lost 4lb or the person who gained 1lb?”

The answer to the above question is “both”. The person who gained may be fed up and need the help/support from the consultant and group to make the changes to turn that around into a loss the following week. The person who lost needs the help/support to stop them from thinking that they can “get away with a few treats” the following week considering how well they did. Plus, by talking about whatever changes they made – it may help others think; “oh – I can do that too”. All whilst maybe helping others to a good loss the following week.

Let’s break that £4.95 down

Is £4.95 worth it to just step on the scales and leave? Not in my opinion.

For £4.95 if you don’t stay to group you are paying for:

  1. To step on the scales and be told how heavy you weigh.

Oh – that’s it. A Facebook group that may exist for your group (and not all groups do) but its an added bonus. Access to Syns Online is an added bonus. It’s what in the corporate world would be referred to as a “Value Added Service” – you don’t necessarily need it but it’s there if you want to use it.

But for £4.95 and staying to group you get:

  1. To step on the scales and be told how much you weigh.
  2. Tea/Coffee/Squash if you want it.
  3. A chance to mingle with people who you know are in the same situation.
  4. A motivational or inspirational “kick” where needed.
  5. “New” ideas or a “new” outlook on an existing idea.
  6. An hour (or so) of what these days is an increasing rare resource – “Me-Time”. An hour or so of purely concentrating on yourself; not work, not family, etc.. An hour of time spent concentrating on yourself. With maybe an added bonus of helping a few others along the way too.
  7. And not to mention the chances of a basket of fruit and raffle prize (if the group holds a raffle).

Surely this is a better way to spend £4.95 and an hour of your time (if you can that is)?

Haven’t stayed to group for a while? Give yourself an hour off and stay – you never know what may happen.

Why do I stay to group?

Firstly for everything mentioned above. Secondly because group is more than just the above. It’s a group of friends. It’s a support network in more than just the business of losing weight. It has become an important part of my social calendar as well. I feel incomplete when I don’t stay to group.

Staying to group truly is “where the real magic happens”.

Whilst I suspect most of the guys and girls at group may not read this. And I certainly don’t tell them this enough. But without them and especially those who do stay to group – I’d be even more lost than I am in my health issues. And I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who feels that way.

So to all those who do stay to group (whichever group that may be) – I have two words left to say.


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