Spicy Corned Beef Pasties

Corned beef pasties on Slimming World?  Yes it can be done – though it falls into the category of “fake-away”. Gone though is any thought of a nice flaky pastry (after all that’s all down to butter) and that seemingly fast becoming Slimming World staple – the Weight Watchers Wrap (or other suitable wrap).

Cooked corned beef "pasty"
Cooked corned beef “pasty” – hot, spicy and very very tasty

An Imitation in many forms

OK. I can’t take credit for this in nearly anyway. There has been many various recipes for pasties around the net for a fair few months now (and some even older than that but using pitta breads instead – though most of those are no longer on the Healthy Extra list). There’s even a few “corned beef pasties” recipes out there.  So I’m probably a little “late” to this party in that one. However I’ve had this one in mind since I first started seeing recipes from people using a syn free stewed steak as a filling. It’s just taken time to get around to it.

This is slightly different to most of the other recipes I’ve seen though. It packs a little “punch”. There’s no need to boil potatoes either (but that may help if you wanted a little extra “body”).

The truth is – the filling is something that my mother was making 30+ years ago.  At the time, it’d be put into buttered white rolls, wrapped in foil and frozen in big batches. I’ve dug it out a few times over the years but never thought about it till I started seeing those other recipes I mentioned.

What about “Thrift” though?

There is another reason I’ve not done this recipe till now. Cost. A tin of lean corned beef that isn’t on offer seems to be £2.50 and that’s a 200g tin. Normal corned beef I can find for about £1.25 or so (for a much larger tin). But the syns in the full size tin are so much higher to the lean corned beef.  (1.5syns per 100g for the lean, and 3 or 3.5 syns per 100g for the normal – depending on brand/size of tin). So I’ve put off making these till now.

Why now then? Because I was gifted a tin of the lean corned beef and I wanted a way to use it – and so my mind drifted straight to this recipe.

But enough pre-amble – you guys want to know how to make these “Spicy Corned Beef Pasties” don’t you?


WW wraps, pickle, tabasco, red onion, egg
From simple ingredients

For the filling:

  • 1 tin of lean corned beef (3 syns)
  • 1/2 a small red onion – finely chopped
  • A dash (or three) of Tabasco sauce
  • 4 tablespoons of pickle (large or small “sandwich” cut) (1 syn per tablespoon)

This will make enough filling for 4 of the wraps (be it a Weight Watchers one or one of the gluten-free ones).  You’ll also need beaten egg to seal and wash the completed pasty.

As this mix is   (assuming that you’re using the wrap as your Healthy Extra B choice) and it makes 4 wraps – I count that as 2 syns per wrap.


If you’re familiar with any of my other recipes on here – you’ll know that there often isn’t a method.  Same with these Spicy Corned Beef Pasties. It’s simply put all the filling ingredients into a tub and mix well.  It’ll help to first crumble up the corned beef though and probably leave the Tabasco till last. Go sparingly with the Tabasco though – can always add another dash or two (and mix again) till it’s to your liking.

Then it’s a case of putting a quarter of the mix onto the wrap, so it’s just off-centre.

Making the “corned beef pasties”

Then brush the beaten egg around the edge of the wrap, and carefully fold over. I found crimping the edges firmly with the back of a fork a great help in sealing it. Don’t worry – chances are it won’t all remain sealed but that’s OK.

Once folded over, place on a lined baking tray and egg wash over the top of the Spicy Corned Beef Pasties that you are making (if making more than one at a time – remember that any additional ones will need to have the wrap synned too).

Bake at 200c (gas mark 6) for 15-20 minutes till hot and crispy.

The mix will store in the fridge for a couple of days. I’ve not tried freezing a full one of these Spicy Corned Beef Pasties though. However, like mum used to do way back when, you could put them in Healthy Extra B sized wholemeal rolls (but without the butter) and freeze them.  Let them defrost and put in the oven (still in the foil) for a similar type of time (or alternatively – microwave in 2 or 3 minute intervals till hot throughout).

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