So who is behind TheThriftyDieter? Part 1.

If you’re following the Facebook page – you’ll know that we’ve reach a few milestones recently. Firstly the page has over 50 likes. Then there’s over 1000 views on the site. Plus the site is 2 months old as of today (4th September 2017). I wanted to do something a little different as “bonus content” so I thought I’d lift the lid slightly off who is behind all this stuff. This is too big a story for one post though. So here’s how it all initially came about. I’ll continue this in another post at another time when another milestone is reached.

I’ve so far tried to keep things slightly anonymous whilst the site was starting out. I wanted it to be about the content and not so much about the person which is why the “About” page is sparse on details.


Hi, my name is Ian and I’m a 43-year-old from Northamptonshire and I’m a Slimming World addict. I’m your regular “Joe Bloggs” member and not a consultant but do help with the social team at group.

I’ve officially (i.e. paid membership fees) been a member 3 times. Once in about 2002/2003 and again in 2008 and once more in 2015. That said I tend to think of the 2015 occurrence as a continuation of the 2008 time. Left group in 2003 thinking I knew it all and could do it on my own. Boy was I wrong on that score.

Two weddings and some tears.

It was 2007 when one of my brother’s announced he was getting married in August 2008. I knew I had put some of the weight I previously lost back on, but I was in denial about the scope of the problem. I intended to lose some weight before the wedding, and intended on rejoining Slimming World to do so. Continually I told myself “I’ll do it next month”. Next month comes around and I’d tell myself again “I’ll do it next month”. Before I knew it, it was May 2008 and I still hadn’t rejoined and I still hadn’t lose weight and I couldn’t see the point in joining and in the meantime my other brother announced that he was getting married in 2009. How I was soon going to come to regret that decision.

August 2008 and the wedding comes and goes. Near the end of September 2008 the wedding pictures get sent out.  I cried. As much as they will probably say otherwise but I feel that I ruined those pictures (the few that I appeared in). I was easily twice the size of nearly everyone there and it showed. And now I had another wedding less than 12 months later to worry about.

The Question that tipped the scales

I didn’t however immediately jump up and rejoin Slimming World. That took another prod before I did that.  That prod was from the brother getting married in 2009 and came in the form of one question – “Would you be an usher at my wedding?”. I’m not going to say “No” to such an honour but I knew for certain then i wasn’t going to “ruin” another set of wedding photos.

It did take another month (and tiny bit) but I set myself then a deadline – I was going to rejoin Slimming World by 1st December that year (2008). People thought I was crazy joining that close to Christmas. I didn’t care. It gave me a month to get things in place and ready to start.

Monday 1st December 2008 – D-Day (Diet day).

I stretched it out to “D-Day”. A decision had to be made. Do something about the weight or “ruin” another set of photos.  It was an easy decision. So I trundled around the corner from where I was working at the time. Sat in a cold cramped changing room (the venue had been double booked and this was the best on offer) and sat through that new member talk.  Then came time to stand on the scales. I swore and I wanted to cry. I knew I had put some weight back on, but I never realised the full extent of the gain. Not only had I put that 5 stone I originally lost back on, but another 5 or 6 stone on top of that.

Big numbers

Those scales read that I weighed 27 stone 8.5 pounds. i wanted to cry when I looked down. In the car after group had finished though – I did cry – and it wouldn’t be the last time on this journey that I cried.

I drove home via a the large Tesco and stocked up. I read the book (if you’ve read my “top tips” post you’ll know how important that is to me). Then I read it again. I followed the plans (this was in the days before Extra Easy). I enjoyed my free foods, I piled the plate high with veg. And very quickly I found my love for cooking again. I was enjoying what I was tasting (compared to the take-away and microwave meals I was having before).

But I had doubts. How could I lose weight eating so much. I hadn’t eaten fresh vegetables, etc in ages and the plate was full of them at every meal.

One week later

The following Monday comes around. Let’s see how it goes. I didn’t expect to lose much even though I had joked the previous week when asked by the consultant how much I would like to lose in the first week. I replied “All of it”. Alas that magic wand doesn’t exist so I settled on “a pound or two”.

I go to group, pay my dues and I step on the scales. I look down and I see that “8.5” in the pound column. Drat. Not lost anything. Then I hear the gasp from behind the scales. I look again. “27” wasn’t there any more – it had been replaced by “26”. 14 whole pounds. 1 stone. Gone. All in 7 days.

What – you were expecting a photo? We’ve not reached that big a milestone yet.  🙂

I think that’s the perfect place to stop this part of the look back. As you can imagine from December 2008 to date is a long old time and there’s plenty more following that first very successful week. But where would the fun be in putting that all down here. Apart from making a very long entry.  Plus there’s more milestones to come – so I’ll use those as a guide as to when to publish the next chapter in this journey. So get liking, get your friends to like. Share the posts you enjoy.

Part 2 can now be found HERE



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