“My” Slimming World Rice Pudding

Ahhhh – rice pudding…  The delight of old school style stodge but without the fat and sugar found in the tins. Hot, steaming creamy rice. Forget about it being a “winter” dish – it’s a firm favourite here any time of the year – and so easy to make.

Marmalade and orange baked rice pudding from the recently released "Sweet Dreams" recipe book.
Marmalade and orange baked rice pudding from the recently released “Sweet Dreams” recipe book.

Variations Upon Variations of Slimming World Rice Pudding – A Warning

If you did a google search for “Slimming World Rice Pudding” – you will see pages and pages of them. Alas half of these are probably leading you in the direction of “tweaks”.


Slimming World does have a page within the members only Lifeline Online website about “tweaks” (should open in a new window but you will need to be a Lifeline Online member to view it). Basically it’s taking anything that is a free food and turning it into something as a “substitute”. The infamous examples would be “lasagna crisps”, “chickpea nuts” or vegetables sliced thinly and cooked into crisps.  It’s about filling power and not “abusing” free food.

But what has this to do with a Slimming World Rice Pudding?

As I said above, a google search for “Slimming World Rice Pudding” will return pages upon pages of results.  Half of which in all probability fall under the category of being a “tweak”.  A lot of the recipes found online will be of the type that goes:

  1. X amount of rice
  2. Y amount of liquid
  3. Cook till liquid has gone and then stir in some yogurt

Liquid being typically either water or even a “No Added Sugar” fizzy drink (cream soda being the favourite).  It’s not that these versions don’t taste nice  – they do.  But – adding the yogurt adds extra calories that wouldn’t other be there and more importantly – there’s no portion control.  You can make a big pan up, eat it, and then go make another pan up later on.

The only way that Slimming World recognises as how to make a Slimming World rice pudding without it becoming a “tweak” is to use your Healthy Extra A allowance of milk (or synning the milk).  This can be regular cows milk, or it could be one of the dairy free ones (Almond being a favourite). Doing it this way – there’s only a certain amount of a Slimming World rice pudding you can make with your Healthy Extra allowance.

If you decide to make it with water/cream soda and yogurt – it should be (according to the official guidelines) synned as if you were getting it out of a tin.  Sorry – but that is the official line.  Do I personally agree with this? Sometimes – but that’s best in another post somewhere down the line.  🙂

When can I eat a Slimming World Rice Pudding?

Whenever you like.  If I know it’s going to be a long day and lunch is not likely to happen – it’s not unknown for me to have “rice porridge” for breakfast.  What’s the different between Slimming World Rice Pudding and rice porridge?  Not one bit. It’s the same dish.  Just people say you can’t have rice pudding for breakfast for some reason.  Porridge whilst typically made with oats is any starchy grain cooked in liquid to release the starch into the liquid.  Oats is such a starchy grain but so is rice and hence “rice porridge” if I’m talking about breakfast.  🙂

Rice is Rice is Rice is Right?

What type of rice?  I’ve seen (and made) Slimming World rice puddings with all sorts of rice. Traditionally however rice pudding (and therefore Slimming World rice pudding) should be made with what some stores will class as “pudding rice” and others “short-grain rice”. Whilst your typical white rice sold cheaply nearly anywhere is always going to be a long grain rice.  Short grain rices however tend to be starchier than long grain rice and give a creamier finish – and it’s that creamy finish that really makes a rice pudding in my book.

That said – there’s a matter of cost.  The cheapest “pudding rice” is typically about £1 for a 500g bag. I’ve found (after being recommended by a friend) that Arborio Risotto rice to be better but that generally starts at £1.20 for 500g.  (Though at time of writing – Waitrose has the Arborio rice reduced to 90p. I’ve also recently picked up some short grain sushi rice for 49p a pack but that was end of line clearance in Aldi and it certainly looks like my local Aldi have since sold out).  Most the large supermarkets however sell 1kg bags of white long grain rice starting at 40p.  What I do however to make my short-grain rice last longer is mix it (at ratios of between 50% or 2/3rds short grain rice) with long grain.

Cooking methods.

I have for a long time being using the stove top method for my Slimming World rice pudding as documented below.  Originally (before it was classed as a “tweak” – see above) using the water/cream soda + yogurt method but these days using my HeA allowances.  I have more recently – thanks to the new “Sweet Dreams” recipe book been mixing it up with doing baked versions as well.  I highly recommend the baked marmalade rice pudding in that book but as it’d breach Slimming World’s copyright – I can’t reproduce the recipe here.

Choice of Milk

Personal preference really. I will typically for all my Slimming World rice puddings use Almond Milk. Simply put – I can have more – save in the knowledge that if I don’t eat it all – I can put it in the fridge for the next day and just have to calculate the syns for the milk (or have about 20g of low-fat cheddar to make up the HeA). Some people may prefer to use cow’s milk but you get less and therefore less rice pudding.

Confession time

I don’t weigh the rice.  Depending which milk I have (and what the Healthy Extra A allowance for that milk is) will vary the quantity of rice accordingly.

So onto the recipe

Easy cook - 20-30minute stove top Slimming World rice pudding.
Easy cook – 20-30minute stove top Slimming World rice pudding. Served with some frozen berries and a passion fruit.

This is for a stove top Slimming World rice pudding and you will need:

  • 500ml of milk (this would be from HeA so this could be more than one days allowance which would need to be synned if eating all of it).
  • Half a mug of “pudding” rice (or mix of short and long grain rices as describe above).
  • Vanilla extract/flavouring
  • Nutmeg and/or Cinnamon (optional)
  • The originally recipe called for a tablespoon or two of sweetener – I don’t do this any more particularly if I’m using Almond milk) but would need to be synned now days.

To Make the Slimming World Rice Pudding (stove top style):

  • Add rice/milk into a large saucepan
  • Heat till the milk is bubbling and then reduce heat
  • cook for about 20/30minutes till all the milk has been absorbed, stirring very occasionally.
  • Remove from heat, stir in vanilla, sweetener (if using) and nutmeg/cinnamon (if using).

Serve with fruit of your choice.

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