Slimming World Myths – True or False? Part 3 (#21-30)

There’s so many “Slimming World Myths” out there. You only have to search various social media outlets to see them. So I thought I’d go through the common ones that keep going around.  Many thanks to friends who helped contribute some of the common Slimming World Myths that they see to this list.  Please remember that these are my personal viewpoints on these matters – if you feel differently or have other ideas of things you want my personal take on – please comment below or via the Facebook page.

This is part 3. Part 1 can be found here and Part 2 is here.

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Fact or Fiction?

Slimming World Myth #21 – “The old red and green plans don’t work”

I’ve seen a few people who (generally) have returned to a Slimming World group say that they’ve been told that the older plans don’t work and that’s why they’re not available. Once again – what a load of baloney. They do work but just been “retired”. Nothing ever stays the same. Things change. I rejoined back in 2008 before Extra Easy was released and enjoyed red/green days for the next few years.

But whilst they do work – there’s one big problem. There’s no support for them. That means there’s no official source of Syn information. It means that few people in group will have a clue what you’re talking about – I actually find it’s easier to just not mention it. Yes  I do still do the occasional red/green day. But as always – I keep it simple. If I’m doing a red day then I stick to meat with new potatoes (weighed as one of the Healthy Extra B choice) and steamed vegetables. Likewise if I’m doing a green day, I will have no meat/meat products – simply because it’s easier than guessing.

Slimming World Myth #22 – “If I dry fry mince and then drain and/or wash before cooking again – it’s free”.

OK, I get it, 5% fat mince is expensive compared to the (up to 25%) stuff. Even before I was watching the pennies though I found this idea just simply disgusting. Yes there are advocates to washing the cooked mince and then cooking again.  OK the “logic” behind this is that by cooking and then draining and/or washing the fat in the mince will have been cooked off and be able to be “cleaned” off. But how do you know that you’ve “cleaned” it to being 5% or less fat? Have it examined in a lab each time – as that’s the only way to be 100% sure.

Slimming World Myth #23 – “But that’s the way I’ve always done it and I’ve still lost weight so it must be OK”

Those words are annoying. They are usually said online after someone has pointed out that what they have suggested is considered a “tweak” (See Slimming World’s page on tweaks here). Or when they talk about “cleaning” their mince (see above) or “treat night” or anything else not in the book.

All I can say is “lucky you” – for now anyhow. It may be working now for you but there will come a time that it stops working. And just because it works for you, doesn’t mean it will work for someone else. Is “cleaning” mince in the book? No. Is there a section about having “treat night” once a week? No. Just because you’ve always used the rice+water+yogurt rice pudding recipe, does it means it’s any less of a “tweak”? No.

Slimming World Myth #24 – “I saw this recipe and it says *syns and is yummy”.

So the recipe said it was so many syns. Did you check that for yourself? Line by line if needed. One problem with Facebook and the Internet at large is everything there ever was out there is probably still able to be found. That means that recipe you found 5 minutes ago on Google may have been floating around for years. Syn values change. Healthy Extra allowances have changed. Sweetener (depending on quantity used) is now synned. That 8syn lemon drizzle cake is now actually 14syns (or more).  If the recipe says 35g of sweetener – how many tablespoons is that? It’s about half a standard sized tub though and that’s more than a few tablespoons of sweetener.

Who is eating it? You (who have made it) or the person who posted the recipe (or even reposted it rather than created it)? Who is the “last resort” in ensuring the syn values is correct? Do yourself a favour – and check – just to be sure?

I double check EVERYTHING – regardless of the source – the internet, my consultant, even my member’s handbook (aka – Slimming World Bible). Why? Because things change. People aren’t perfect and make mistakes (and yes – that includes consultants – they’re human too after all).

Slimming World Myth #25 – “I’ve got this list of free foods/syns at *****”

See above. Check check check. As with recipes – some of this lists of syn values and/or free food that appear for various supermarkets may have been floating around the internet like a lost soul waiting to be resurrected. How up to date is it. Have recipes changed? Have ingredients changed? The only way to be sure is to check it yourself.

Slimming World Myth #26 – “I’ve had my Healthy Extra already but now I  can’t have ****”

This is a common one. Some has cereal for breakfast but now fancies some wholemeal toast but feel like they can’t have it as they used their Healthy Extra B choice on the cereal. To paraphrase a rather (traditionally) wooden person – “Oh yes you can”. Just means you have to syn the item. It used to be that most Healthy Extras worked out at the same syns each (if not using them as the Healthy Extra). That’s not the case these days though and really should be checked via Syns Online (and that’s why next to the Healthy Extra symbol is also a syn value). I oft-times will syn an extra portion cheese or bread if I’ve had cereal. They’re your syns. Use them as you like.

Slimming World Myth #26 – “I want to join but I’ll be the largest person there and everyone will stare at me”.

Horse Manure and Poppy Cock.  One thing I’ve found over the years is that in general people at group are absolutely non-judgemental. No-one stares. No-one comments about anyone else’s weight. Just think what will happen if you don’t join? Will you lose weight? Will you always feel like you’re the largest person in the room? Don’t let your current size put you off. Everyone there is there for the same reason – to lose or manage their weight.

Slimming World Myth #27 – “I don’t have much to loose so I don’t think group is suitable for me”.

Why ever not? There are people there who are looking to lose that last few pounds to get to their target weight as much as there are larger people there who are still in the middle of their journey (see #26). Slimming World rules say that you must want to lose a minimum of 7lb (half a stone) providing that by doing so it won’t put you in the “underweight” category for your height.

Slimming World Myth #28 – “According to the charts, my maximum healthy weight should be **stone.”

This one comes up usually with concerns that they will look too thin for their build at that weight or similar appearance related concerns. Those charts (including the one in the Slimming World members book) are based on BMI. Aiming for a healthy BMI is a great target to go for but what’s more important is how we feel in ourselves. If you feel good about yourself, are healthy, and in a clothes size you feel good about that’s more important than your BMI.

Slimming World Myth #29 – “My group is not till late in the afternoon/evening, but I get hungry at 1pm. Is this going to affect my weight loss?”

If that’s always going to be the case (well, the majority of the time) – eat. Last thing anyone should do is go hungry just because they are weighing in that evening.  But try to do the same thing every week so as not to artificially “skew” the results.  If the first time you get weighed you had your shoes on, keep them on, unless you intend to continue taking them off each week thereafter. If you want/need to eat at lunchtime – do it, but always try to eat at lunchtime going forward. (And yes, that does seem to end up also meaning wearing the same type of clothes each week so that one week you’re wearing jeans and the next week a thinner (and lighter) pair of trousers (or whatever else you choose to wear)).

Slimming World Myth #30 – “I’m scared to lose weight because I don’t want to be left with loose skin”.

I can perfectly understand that sentiment. I’ve had it, I’ve still got it. But don’t go looking for trouble till you find it. There are so many factors that can govern the appearance of loose skin that you may find you hardly get any at all. Age, skin care routine, exercise, genetics. I say “appearance of loose skin” as it’s one of those things that our mind probably plays tricks on ourselves about and probably isn’t as bad as we believe it to be.

Even if you do develop some, the good news is that it does spring back. The bad news part of that is that it takes time.  I had lots of loose skin (unfortunately I’ve filled it out again since – but losing it slowly). At least I had lots to start with. At first I was unhappy and frustrated. Over time though I noticed it wasn’t such a big of a problem and there seemed to be less of it. It never fully went away. The only way (for me) to be completely rid of it at the time would be to have it surgically removed. Unfortunately for a lot areas these days that’s not an option on the NHS.

Bonus – Slimming World Myth #31 – “I don’t usually have breakfast, so looking for ideas of what can I have?”

The topic of “is breakfast important?” will no doubt be raged on for years to come no doubt. But if you weren’t eating breakfast before Slimming World and can cope perfectly fine till lunchtime – then why? Make the plan fit your habits, not form your habits around the plan. By no means add an extra meal because everyone else has it. I don’t eat “3 square meals a day”. Some days I’ll skip breakfast, some days I’ll skip lunch. Just as “you must eat before *pm” is a load of crock, so is having to have three meals a day. However if you find that getting to lunch is a struggle without it, then maybe look at introducing breakfasts into your routine. Listen to your body. Adapt to what it’s telling you. Find a happy medium. Make the plan work for you and your life.

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