Slimming World Myths – True or False? Part 2 (#11-20)

There’s so many “Slimming World Myths” out there. You only have to search various social media outlets to see them. So I thought I’d go through the common ones that keep going around.  Many thanks to friends who helped contribute some of the common Slimming World Myths that they see to this list.  Please remember that these are my personal viewpoints on these matters – if you feel differently or have other ideas of things you want my personal take on – please comment below or via the Facebook page.

This is part 2; part 1 can be found here, and Part 3 is over here.

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Fact or Fiction?

Slimming World Myth #11 – “If I want to lose weight then I have to cut out carbs”.

What a load of baloney. Remember the three steps of Food Optimising? The first step is free foods. How many of those free foods are carbs people traditionally cut down on as “carbs are bad”? OK, they’re for the most part, not “Speed” foods but they are free foods. If “carbs are bad” were true would they be on the list of free foods? Of course not.  (OK, with Extra Easy SP – those free (but not “Speed” or “Protein”) are not SP friendly so that is restricting carbs but that’s just with the SP plan).

But with Extra Easy and it’s focus on having a third of the plate being “speed” foods – that’s naturally limiting your carb intake to start with – simply by not having room on the plate for them to go on. Enjoy that rice. Enjoy that baked potato. Have that pasta dish. And don’t feel “guilty” for eating carbs.

Slimming World Myth #12 – “I shouldn’t syn medicines/cough sweets”

Actually – yes you should otherwise they’d appear as free foods or zero syns on Syns Online/the Slimming World app. However you have more important things to worry about such as getting better.  Some cough syrups in particular have such high levels of sugar in, so do a lot of cough sweets.

Slimming World Myth #13 – “I’ve eaten all these speed foods so I should lose lots of weight”.

I’m probably going to get slated for this response as it goes against everything that Slimming World says. However it’s important to remember that speed foods are not some magical mystery ingredient that will automatically result in weight loss if you eat lots of them.  My alarm bells start ringing as soon as I see sentences like that and I start to wonder:

Are you eating speed foods just because they are speed foods?

Eating when not hungry or eating beyond being full is called over eating. It doesn’t matter what it is you are eating  – speed food, protein foods, free foods or syns – it’s still over eating.  It’s still putting in more calories into the body than the body needs/wants being it a load of strawberries or a Mars bar.  The better choice is obviously the strawberries but it is still over eating. Nothing wrong with eating when you’re hungry – it’s when you’re not hungry is the problem.

Slimming World Myth #14 “I haven’t had any speed food with my dinner, so I’ll have some fruit afterwards to make up for it”.

See #13.  If you’ve had dinner (assuming it’s otherwise on plan) and are feeling full, why on earth put extra calories that you don’t need into your mouth just because you haven’t had any speed foods with that dinner (or not a third of the plate speed)?  Some meals may not lend themselves to having the third of the plate speed foods. The book even says to have a third of the plate “when you can”. It does not say it is compulsory to have it with every meal. Nor does it say to have a piece (or two) of fruit afterwards to “make up for lack of speed”.  If you’re no longer hungry after your meal, then eating fruit is just once again over eating. Wasn’t it over eating (and bad food choices) that got you to the point of joining a weight loss organisation such as Slimming World in the first place?

Slimming World Myth #15 – “I must have a third of the plate as “speed food”

See #14 – the book says “when you can” and as I said earlier – there’s nothing magic about speed foods.  They are simply items that will help you feel fuller after eating for fewer calories. There’s a few pictures out there I’ve seen with a comparison of X amount of calories worth of protein (say chicken) Vs the same number of calories of vegetables – and you get a heck of a lot more vegetables for that number of calories then you do chicken. More vegetables taking up more room in the stomach leaving less for the protein and other items such as plain free foods or synned items (or even your Healthy Extras). Leaving you feeling fuller for longer with fewer calories. That’s how speed foods work.

Slimming World Myth #16 – “Slimming World groups are full of women”

This is largely true, and as a man entering that world it can be nerve wrecking.  Walking into any weight loss group as a man – you are going to be one of a few rather than in most things probably being the other way around. But don’t be nervous – as per my main post on the subject – it’s usually never an issue. (Except maybe if a woman is stripping off to get that last half pound to meet a particular goal – believe me – it happens).

Slimming World Myth #17 – “Loosing weight is expensive”

Yes and No. Yes if you look at just your shopping bills – it’s likely to go up – however through this site I hope you are finding ideas about ways to stop that. No if you just look at your food budget. When I first joined Slimming World in 2008 by shopping bills sky-rocketed. I had a well-paying job at the time so that was OK.

However within the first few months I actually found I had spare money to play with at the end of the month. Why? Because I wasn’t buying take-outs two or three times a week (it’s sad to say but that was my go-to as I often spent till 8pm or later in the office). I also wasn’t buying a ton of snack food items on the way home or visiting the work canteen (whilst they had one). So yes, I was spending more in Tesco, etc. (Mainly Tesco as I passed one of their “Extra” stores on the way home) but over all I wasn’t spending as much on the “crap” food. In those savings alone I managed to get a my first contract smart phone and pay instalments on a second hand car upgrading from my basic Ford Fiesta to a Volvo V40 with (nearly) all the trimmings.

Slimming World Myth #18 – “I’m wanting to lose weight but this means I’m going to have to give up ***”.

No, No, No. It doesn’t matter what your “guilty pleasure” is – there’s no reason to give it up. Now if you want to lose weight and drink your own weight in beer every weekend – chances are it’s not going to work for you. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the odd pint or two here and there. Same with wine, chocolate, sweets or anything else that people think you have to give up when “on a diet”.

There’s two key words that you have to remember “In Moderation”.

Nothing wrong with the odd pint – that’s what syns are for. Way back in the mist of time on my very first Slimming World journey – you’d probably find me in the pub every lunchtime – with a pint of beer in my hand. But it was one pint, and one pint only followed by diet coke for the rest of the lunch break.

Slimming World Myth #19 – “I’ve just joined Slimming World but I’m bored of eating salad everyday”.

Where in the book does it say you have to eat salad all the time? It doesn’t. Don’t like salad – don’t eat it. Same for any other food items. Make the plan work for you. I’m not a fan of salad with every meal. I have salad sometimes if I have left over cold meats left over from the day before but that’s it.

Slimming World Myth #20 – “It’s all so complicated”

If it’s your first time around with Slimming World and it’s Food Optimising plans – it can seem a little daunting after only a half an hour new member talk at group. Terms like “speed foods”; “protein foods”; “free food”; “healthy extra options”; “syns” are going to have been thrown at you. Then you sit through group and everyone is happily using those same terms which mean very little to you right there and then. This is why in my “top tips” post I can not re-iterate enough how much you should read the members handbook.

So that concludes Part 2. Make sure to have checked Part 1 – here. Have I missed anything out? Comment below and part 3 is now here.

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