A site is born – alive and kicking

So –  the site is finally ready to go live…


So here we are at www.thethriftydieter.co.uk and ready to eat healthily, loose weight but save some pennies along the way.  🙂

I’m sure most readers will have already seen other blogs that seem to be a recipe in every page – you won’t find that here – maybe every other/every third post will contain a recipe. You will find plenty of money saving tips and links, along with news of any new bargains that I find along the way.  If that isn’t enough then there will be some non-money saving stuff as well.

The Boring Bit

I make no apologies – this site is going to be very very Slimming World centric – it’s not that there aren’t other plans out there (Weight Watchers, Cambridge, etc) it’s just that  I have no  experience of any of them.


I do have a “Contact Me” page if you wish to contact me privately or to follow me on Instagram or the Facebook page set up for making announcements relating to upcoming posts.

Please let me know what I’m doing right and tell your friends to via the buttons at the bottom of each post.  Please also tell me what I’m doing wrong if you feel the need via the e-mail address on the “Contact Me” page.

The site is a little empty at the moment – but then it only went live today. I’m hoping to add new posts at least twice a week however.

Last but not Least:

Enjoy…  🙂



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