Routes to Target

One of the visuals at (most) Slimming World groups is about “Routes to Target”.

Direct or tourist? Two routes to the same destination.

It details two possible routes – straight down the motorway with the odd little diversion.


The scenic route using every back road you pass, occasionally doubling back on yourself and probably getting lost a few times.

The thing is – we all start at the same place (the first time we walk through the doors) and we all have the same destination in mind (Target). The route between the start and end points doesn’t matter – it’s getting to the destination that counts be it direct or all over the place.

if we get stuck along the way – we have the Slimming World equivalent of the RAC – known as Image Therapy to help us get underway again. Or we could just give up and probably slowly make our way back to the starting point.

We’ll probably be overtaken by others on their journey but does it matter if you are driving a Ford fiesta and it seems that they are driving a BMW, Or is it just an exercise in futility?

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