“Here & Now” Vs. “The Big Picture” – the Route to Target. Take 2.

The route to target is an interesting one. It’s very rare for someone to get to target without at least some kind of “blip” along the way.

This post is a follow on from my previous one on this subject tackling it in slightly more depth.

Mountain Road with switchbacks - the route to target
The route to target is often a bendy one…

The “Here & Now” of the Route to Target.

We, as slimmers, tend to focus on the “here & now”. The results each week. We get disheartened by the gains and the maintains on our weekly visit to the scales. Sometimes those gains are expected and can be “reasoned” away. Sometimes though they are unexpected. These are the “blips” of the journey where we sometimes stall or sometimes hit reverse.

These blips, when looking at the “here & now” on our route to target can be quite demoralising.

The “Big Picture” of the Route to Target

But do these “blips” actually mean anything? At the start of your journey – yes, they probably do, but as you move on in your own particular journey – they actually mean less but only if you look beyond the “here & now”.

Society in general is all about the “here & now” – we want to see the short-term results (and preferably big short-term results). But in reality it’s the long-term results that really matter. Does a half pound gain one week when you’ve lost two stone really matter? or even a pound gain? You’re still 1 stone thirteen (and a half if you gained a half pound) lighter than when you started. A one pound gain after loosing two stone is a 3% gain, a half pound is 1.5% gain.

“But I don’t like my records showing a gain (or a maintain)”

Don’t get me wrong – we’d all love to have a perfect record of a loss every week on our route to target, but as I say – it rarely happens that way.

What does this show though? Simply that we are only human. Life happens, things happen in life. Unexpected gains (and maintains) happen.

“I’ve had a blip and feel disheartened”

Again – this is part of being human. We don’t like these blemishes on our records. It’s natural to feel that way as much as it’s natural to have them in the first place.

“I’ve had a blip – what now?”

As I say – the route to target is most likely going to have these “blips”. How you deal with them is up to you. Some people just “chalk it down to experience”. Some are able to turn that negative feeling around to use it spur them on the following week.

Me? I first look at the “big picture”. Yes – I may have had a gain that I felt was unjust. But in the “big picture” what does that mean? A 1lb gain at my weight loss currently is a 1% gain over my entire weight loss. I’m not going to “cry” over 1%. I’ll look at that over the last 4/8/12 weeks and come to the decision that in reality, across that entire time, does it matter? No, not really. It’s happened, it’s in the past, I can’t change it now. What I try not to let happen is letting these “blips” stop me from putting my best foot forward from here on.

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