Potato Bakes/Fries (syn free fish cake anyone)? (Updated September 2018)

(As of September 2018 – instant mash is no longer syn free. I’m leaving this recipe up for the moment but will be experimenting with using real mash instead and will post a full update once I’ve done so).

From growing up, through my student days, and beyond, I’ve always liked fish cakes. Particularly if I was going to a fish and chip shop and didn’t fancy sausage or saveloy. And now I can have syn free fish cakes – all the better.

Fishcakes and mushy peas anyone?
Home made fish cakes (but could have anything in it) with minted mushy peas, mushrooms and mini peppers

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Grape-Nut (or Grapenut) Pudding – a simple version

So I’ve mentioned Grape-Nuts a few times on the shopping/bargain pages.  They make a nice crunchy breakfast cereal and are also popular done in the “overnight oats” style (replacing oats with the Grape-nuts of course). Personally though, my favourite preparation is as a desert (that could also be eaten for breakfast) – Grape-nut Pudding.

An older box (The newer ones say "9g of protein"
An older box (The newer ones say “9g of protein”

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Comparisons (or Exercises in Futility).

I was going to write today something about “Men &Slimming World” – my view point on why there aren’t that many – which as it’s just been Slimming World‘s “Man of the Year” competition would have been particularly fitting.  Instead I’ve dug back through my archives for something I wrote some time ago.  A piece about making comparisons of your journey to that of other people.

Comparisons – or “Exercises in Futility”

Apple Vs Pear; Chalk Vs Cheese; You Vs Me - you just can't make comparisons between them..
Apple Vs Pear; Chalk Vs Cheese; You Vs Me – you just can’t make comparisons between them..

I oft-times see online, or hear, people say things like “compared to your loss, my mere *stone pales into insignificance” or “I only lost 3.5lb and was expecting more but *insert_name_here* lost more and ate more or less what I did all week” or words to that effect. Continue reading “Comparisons (or Exercises in Futility).”

Lemon Cheesecake/Tart (updated September 2018)

I have to admit – I’ve had this recipe for so long that I can’t remember where it came from – it’s certainly not one that I’ve cooked up.  There is confusion as to whether this is a “lemon cheesecake” or a “lemon tart”. The original recipe is labelled as being a “tart”, whilst in reality it’s probably more of a cheese cake. Continue reading “Lemon Cheesecake/Tart (updated September 2018)”

The Thrifty Dieter’s Thrifty bargains/savings – 13 July 2017

I’ve been thinking about how I make my shop “thrifty” – after all that is the name of the website.  Which in turn lead to me thinking – rather than just talk in general about being “thrifty” – why not show it?

(I’ve not received any kind of kick back, or promise of goods from any of the suppliers linked to in this post).

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My Three Bean Stew recipe

Firstly my apologies

I know on the Facebook page, and Instagram – I said on Monday that I’d be posting this recipe yesterday (Tuesday) but my insomnia finally caught up with me yesterday and laid me out for pretty much most the day.

So on with the first of many recipes.

My Three Bean Stew

Yes – I can open up a tin of baked beans and avoid a lot of the “hassle” of cooking this – but I get to combine three tins of various beans I’ve picked up over the last few weeks, with some onion that needed using up and the ever ready cartons of passata in the cupboard. The only reason I’m using tinned beans is that it’d be a lot more hassle with dry beans (soaking them the night before and all that) but if I wanted to reduce the cost further then dried beans would make a better and cheaper dish.

Total cost of the bean stew is about £1.30. I’ve had it over two meals – but depending on how you dress it up, it could easily make 3 or even 4 portions.

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