Team work

Like any good football match – there’s (in my opinion) two “teams” that matter in terms of my own SW journey. Team 1 is the group (and you can read my views on the importance of group over here). I’m not going to rehash that – just move onto team 2 – the social team.

Either the second or third most important thing for a good group – the social team.

“Second or Third”?

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Common Weight Management Mistakes (Updated September 2018)

There will be some repetition with the “Top Myths” (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3) and the “tips for newbies” articles – I’ll apologise about that right from the start. “Mistakes” may be the wrong word for it, but it’s a general “catch-all” term that’ll do. This article will have a distinct Slimming World bias, but it’ll apply equally to other plans as well I imagine.

Mistake 1 – Comparing to other plans/ideologies

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“Entitlement” on Social Media – a rant

(I’ll start by saying that everything below is based on my opinions, my view-point and my experiences and that I realise this post may not agree with everyone. This won’t necessarily match up with your experiences, etc. – but if we all agreed on everything the world would be a boring place.  As always – I welcome feedback and comments and encourage you to share your viewpoints. However please be respectful if doing so).

Once upon a time I was extremely active on Social Media. I’m nowhere near that now. There’s various reasons for this but one of those is the sense of “entitlement” that some people seem to have.

What do I mean by “Entitlement”?

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“Here & Now” Vs. “The Big Picture” – the Route to Target. Take 2.

The route to target is an interesting one. It’s very rare for someone to get to target without at least some kind of “blip” along the way.

This post is a follow on from my previous one on this subject tackling it in slightly more depth.

Mountain Road with switchbacks - the route to target
The route to target is often a bendy one…

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Slow cooked Pig Cheeks

I’m always on the lookout for cheaper cuts of meat and if it’s something new to me – all the better. So last week whilst looking around Waitrose – I spotted them selling pig cheeks. I’ve previously had ox cheek, but never before even heard of pig cheeks.

Slow Cooked Pig Cheeks in tomato ragu served on flat mushrooms with jacket potato and green beans
Slow Cooked Pig Cheeks in tomato ragu served on flat mushrooms with jacket potato and green beans

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Using the Slimming World Syns Calculator / Syns Estimator (Updated September 2018)

(Update September 2018 – the “Syns Calculator” has been replaced with the “Syns Estimator”. This is probably a more accurate description. They have also changed the layout slightly it appears. This does mean that the document below is not 100% accurate, however the functionality is still there as before. I will endeavour to try and get the document updated as quickly as possible).

Slimming World provide (for its members) a “Syns Calculator” for working out the syns on products that do not appear in the Syns Online database.  Whilst they do offer a help page – in my opinion at least – it’s not the best as there are no images on their help page. As such I have often come across people who get stuck using it.  So I created this “guide” as extra help (on top of Slimming World’s own help page as above) to guide people.

The Syns Calculator is not a perfect tool and if/when products get added to the Syns Online database – you may find that syn values are different to what the calculator says. I would strongly recommend that if the item is in the database – use that value, not the calculator value (even if that is lower) as the team responsible for updating the database have access to much more powerful tools (and therefore more complex) for working these things out then the Syns Calculator could ever give us.

The “small print”

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Spicy Corned Beef Pasties

Corned beef pasties on Slimming World?  Yes it can be done – though it falls into the category of “fake-away”. Gone though is any thought of a nice flaky pastry (after all that’s all down to butter) and that seemingly fast becoming Slimming World staple – the Weight Watchers Wrap (or other suitable wrap).

Cooked corned beef "pasty"
Cooked corned beef “pasty” – hot, spicy and very very tasty

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