So who is behind TheThriftyDieter? Part 3.

Part 3. Yes that means there was a Part 1 and a Part 2.  If you’ve not read it yet – Part 1 can be found OVER HERE; and Part 2 is OVER THERE.  🙂

So the end of Part 2 finished with me loosing  2st 1lb in my first month back in December 2008 and ready to start 2009.

So we’ve now travelled back in time to January 2009.

Actually – the next 8 months can be summed up quite quickly.  I kept on loosing weight and gaining a new life.

Of course it’s not that simple. Life rarely is that simple.  By the end of January I’d lost about 3 stone. By February 4 stone, and by the end of March 5 st. Anyone see a trend here?

I also changed groups around the end of March for various reasons – the main one being that things had changed where I was working at the time. The company had a policy of an “early” finish on Fridays (4.30pm instead of 5.30pm) but a dictate had come down that someone in our department had to be there till 5.30 every day. Well, I volunteered to stay later on Fridays and changed my early finish to Mondays. This allowed me to go to a group nearer to home, instead of hanging around till 7pm on Mondays to go to the group around the corner from the office.

The group I moved to was one I knew (I had previously been a member there in 2002) and had visited a few times (when I wasn’t working – I wasn’t going to do a 50 mile round trip on my days off). There was also a bonus in a way – there was a guy there who had already achieved a similar weight loss to what I wanted to achieve. By the time I swapped groups – he had gone on to be listed as the 11th greatest weight loss in the country (just missing out on a trip to London – but I’ll cover that in later posts).

End of April 2009 and I was 6st down. End of May I was 6st 9lb down. I said there was a trend here didn’t I? Guess where I was at the end of June 2009 – yeap – 7st down. And the end of July 2009 – just over 8st down (8st and 3lbs to be precise).

8 stones in 8 months. Boy what a rush…

What did that 8st actually mean?

This journey really started in August 2008 at a wedding. The suit I wore to the wedding did not fit – there was 8inches on the waist (54inch to 46inch) and 14inches off the chest (64inch to 50inch). Still not quite small enough to be able to buy off the peg at any of the major high street retailers (well Tesco at any rate). I had however also shrunk in collar size to the point where I could buy from Tesco.

For probably the first time in my adult life I was able to buy clothes in a major retailer and not have to hunt online or go to a speciality “big men’s” store (with BIG prices). That day (in June 2009) I choked back the tears at the checkout. That was the impact of that one simple thing that most people take for granted. I could buy shirts at Tesco and know that they would fit.

I started back in December 2008 with the aim to lose whatever I could. I then aimed to lose about 7.5st by the start of August 2009. I lost almost a stone more than that. The journey started with a wedding and August 2009 was the second wedding. I was never going to be pencil thin in that time frame but I gave it my all and was (just) over 8 stone lighter. I had a new suit by necessity and starting to form a new outlook on life. Whilst there were only a few guests at both weddings – when one of the other guests didn’t recognise me at first in the church at the second wedding – that said it all. (Thanks Mum).

That wedding had been my aim, my “target” through those first 8 months. It did mean 3 days away from home of which 2 I wasn’t in control of food but i did my best but had already decided that I wasn’t going to worry about what I ate on the day of the wedding (beyond breakfast – which I cooked).  When the buffet was declared open – I got my plate like everyone else. Then I put the plate back. Pizza. Crisps. Sausage Rolls. All the usual buffet suspects. I didn’t want to eat them. Not because they were “bad” but because I just didn’t feel that they were things I wanted to eat.

So that wedding at the start of August 2009 – I was 8st lighter than the one at the end of August 2008. People were having difficulty recognising me. And whilst I started Slimming World back in December 2008 with “D”-Day (Diet Day), it was the day I realised that it wasn’t a “diet” but just what had become my way of life.

Oh, and it also later netted me a couple of boxes (and I mean the shipping boxes) of HiFi bars when the tale of two weddings became the letter of the month on the Slimming World website.


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