So who is behind TheThriftyDieter? Part 2.

Part 2. Yes that means there was a Part 1.  If you’ve not read it yet – it can be found OVER HERE.  🙂

So the end of Part 1 finished with me loosing a stone (14lbs, 6.36Kg, or nearly 6 and a half bags of sugar) in my first week back in December 2008.

As you can easily imagine – such a fantastic weight loss spurred me on.  From thinking it’d take forever to start seeing the losses to loosing a stone in that first week. Fired up I entered week 2.

I carried on doing what I had been doing. Had a few different meals and repeated the previous week’s meals I enjoyed the most.  That was difficult to choose as I was actually tasting the food for the first time in ages. Rather than the either overly spiced or bland takeaways, I was cooking. Even more so I was enjoying cooking.  But there had to be a dose of realism in there. I couldn’t expect to lose a stone every week. Every few months would be just as good. (I was impatient, as much as reality would otherwise say, I still wanted it all gone tomorrow – it just don’t happen that way).

Week two done and dusted, stepped on those lovely scales again to an amazing 6.5lb off. Though would have loved at least an extra half pound to make three certificates in 2 weeks of course.  But never the less – I did get that third certificate. Just it was for Slimmer of the Week rather than my 1.5st award.

Week 3

Enter week 3.  Yeap more of the same – except this was also going to be the run up to Christmas.  When the time is right to join – join. Don’t let future events put you off – be that birthday; Christmas; Holiday.  The sooner you do it the more likely you are to do it. I actually felt at times that I was failing at the plan. It’s natural. It’s new. And at first may seem complicated. I wasn’t eating all my Healthy Extras for one and I was struggling to get my head around “syns”.  However I kept plugging away. I kept reading the book. And It started to make sense in the end.  (Have a peek at my tips for newbies to see how important reading and re-reading your book is in my opinion).

I was also upping my activity level as well. I started to go see colleagues in other parts of the building when at work and not calling them. I’d volunteer for some of the more menial tasks that IT has to do in order for an excuse to go for a short walk. Rather than take remote control of someone’s PC to diagnose a problem – again I’d go to their desk. I stopped parking outside the shops near where I lived at the time, and drove home and walked down instead (it was only a 5 minute walk but coming back up a steep hill).

All of this helped contribute to my third week weight loss of 4.5lbs. 1st 11lbs gone in just three weeks.  I was desperate for that last 3lbs the following week to end the year a whole 2 stone lighter that I had been just a month before.

Week 4

So week 4 trundled along. I’m starting to get into the swing of things. But I face a problem. Week 4 covered that “nasty” period known as “Christmas”. Chocolates in the office – yes I had a few. I’m certain there may have also been a mince-pie or two as well. I probably went a little over my syns a day or two but it’s my first Christmas on plan and a little treat doesn’t hurt once in a while.

I’m not actually a big fan of Christmas. I can (and do) happily spend it on my own. It does mean I’m never faced with a Christmas meal of turkey with all the options. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like to do something a little bit special that day though. But I planned it all out. I even booked Christmas Eve off to get enough veg to last me through the few days when the stores would be closed. It didn’t pan out that way though as I had to cancel my holiday day and by the time I left work – I couldn’t get the item I had planned. But just like the plan – I’m flexible. I found an alternative.

So I had set that mini-target of the week of loosing 3lb – even with Christmas in the way. With Christmas in the way – I’d have been happy with any loss though.  What do I know though – I somehow managed to lose not 3lb but 4lb instead.  🙂

1 month in. 4 weigh ins. 2st1lb gone. I was ready to start 2009 with a “bang”.

(But that’ll be in Part 3).

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