My Favourite Recipes From Around The Net.

OK – so this may be a bit of a “cop-out” as none of these are any recipes that I’ve devised (or at least adapted to be Slimming World friendly). As such I’m afraid it is just going to be a bunch of links as I can’t copy & paste the actual recipes here due to copyright. I’ll also highlight any ways that I’d go about making these recipes cheaper after all this is “The Thrifty Dieter”.  🙂

(All links should open in a new window.  If you are the owner of any of these sites and wish me to remove the link – please contact me and I’ll do it as soon as possible).

Please remember one important thing. I’m not responsible for any of the sites that I’ve put links to and therefore it is possible that some of the recipes may have incorrect syn details listed.  At the end of the day though it’s your mouth the food is going into, you owe it to yourself to make sure that syn values are correct. Always always check syn values. Syn values can and do change all the time. Healthy Extra options change (some are added, some are withdrawn or the amounts get changed). Also some sites may feature recipes that should perhaps be treated as “tweaks” by Slimming World but may not be highlighted as such.

We bloggers are only human. We would never deliberately want to mislead anyone. But being human – mistakes happen. We can’t always keep on top of all the changes when they do happen. We may not even notice them initially. And we all have other things to do that take priority over updating recipes when things change. 

None of these links are made in anyway as any kind of endorsement of their sites – I’ve just tried to find sites that have the variations I used (and generally now committed to memory) that are active. They are also sites I flick through from time to time to make sure what I’m doing here is still on the “right track” so to speak.  Alas there’s a lot of SW related blogs out there that may not have been updated for years – so haven’t highlighted recipes from those sites this time around.  As such I take no responsibility towards the content on these sites. Whilst all the pages I’ve posted below are probably “safe for work” and are unlikely to trip any obscenity filters (though your work’s internet policies may prevent/prohibit access to these type of pages anyhow), other pages on these sites may not be so “innocent”

Vegetable soup recipes
Recipes galore below

Spicy Couscous Balls

The guys over at twochubbycubs have a great catalogue of recipes it has to be said.  And with packs of savoury couscous available from 39p upwards – it’s not expensive to make these “Spicy Couscous Balls“. I’ve made these for a taster session at group before. Everyone was surprised that they were just a pack of savoury couscous and a beaten egg. Do however check the syns though – every brand/flavour is different.

I didn’t make the tzatziki though it has to be said. I went for my own (I’m sure I got the idea from somewhere though) smokey BBQ/Tomato sauce. One small tin of tomato puree in a pan with some balsamic vinegar, a splash of Worcestershire sauce, and some smoked paprika. Cook it out till the taste of raw tomato puree is gone. You may need to loosen it up with a splash of water or more vinegar/Worcestershire sauce. Just keep tasting and adjusting till you find something that works for you.

They did transport quite well when I did them for a taster session and didn’t fall apart. However from my flat to weigh-in isn’t very far. I can just about see the building the venue is attached to from my living room.

Sausage Rolls

I have to admit. I haven’t done these in a while. I’ve documented my cheese monster before but it has a friend. A bread demon. As such I avoid buying loaves of bread.  But for a taster session or picnic these “Sausage Rolls“* make an ideal option. Now this recipe gets you to make the filling yourself. In the old days of the Original (a.k.a. Red) and Green plans there was a similar recipe using any syn free/low syn sausage and rolling in the wholemeal bread after spreading a small amount of mustard (syns) on the side that forms the inside of the roll.

If  however you’ve managed to buy pork mince cheaply or the sausages cheaply (i.e. with a yellow label) – all the better.  Personally – I opt for the ready-made sausage option. However you can get 5% fat pork mince from Aldi cheaply enough and could chop & change on the seasoning to suit your tastes.

(* – The author has described this recipe as “syn free”. That’s only if using your Healthy Extra B allowance for the bread. As whilst the recipe may make 8 sausage rolls, you can only have two as your Healthy Extra B choice. Anything more, or if you’ve used your Healthy Extra B choice for something else, and they need to be synned).

BBQ Pulled Pork

I seem to luck out. Whenever I go looking for a piece of pork shoulder to do this “BBQ Pulled Pork“** recipe – I seem to find one in Waitrose reduced to roughly half price. This makes it comparable to the standard price in Aldi but with one advantage. It hasn’t got a fat cap on it that takes 15/20minutes to trim.  I’ve not actually made any variations on this recipe yet. I’ve got it in the back of my mind one day add a little Chinese 5 spice. (one 1/1.25Kg joint will do me 4 or 5 meals, so always room to play around – so plenty of left overs to experiment with).

(** – This link does link into “Lifeline Online” – therefore you will need to have a working logon – i.e. be a paying member who has attended group in the last 4 weeks, or a target member who has weighed in in the last 7 (or is it 8?) weeks. However I’m sure a google search will easily turn up the same recipe or very similar ones).

Pizza Topped Chicken

Now this is old school Slimming World style at it’s best. Pizza and chicken in one. There’s a lot of recipes out there but this is the one nearest to how I’ve done it in the past. Use grated cheese as your Healthy Extra A allowance (so it will need weighing) and it’s otherwise syn free. I’ve been lucky recently and found chicken breasts in the reduction cabinet or just under £1 for two.  Another option is the cheap (and typically small) frozen packs of chicken breast portions that most places seem to have.

If you’re not happy to butterfly the piece of chicken, you could flatten it out some just by hammering with a heavy rolling-pin. (If it’s a particular large piece though – you may want to butterfly and pound it out a little).  But do put it either in a freezer bag or between two piece of cling film before you attack it with the rolling-pin.

12 Vegetable “Speed” Soup

In the days before Slimming World got rid of the old Red and Green Days there existed a “12 Vegetable Super Speed Soup” recipe.  Alas with the demise of Red and Green, the concepts of “Super Speed” disappeared, and the term “speed” had its definition changed.  So this soup is not full of “speed” foods any more but they are all free foods on Extra Easy. Some are still classed (in the new terminology) as “speed foods” so all is still good.  Just the name is misleading (in my opinion). Can’t remember cauliflower though in the recipe I used in the past.

But that’s the beauty of these soups – you can chop and change ingredients to suit your taste buds. I’m not a big parsnip fan, so initially cut them out. However I did start using the supermarket “stew packs” which generally include parsnips.  I didn’t notice them.  Lots of work peeling and chopping the veg and it literally makes LOADS. I mean LOADS. Have a good-sized stock pot ready for this one. When I had a large stock pot (it got dented in a house move) – I’d fill it to the brim and have probably a good 8 or 10 servings from it. All for £3 or £4 (often it ended up with any vegetables in the fridge that needed using up thrown in as well).

I have to admit – I’ve not made this one in a few years.  I’ve kind of gone off of soups the last few years. Time to make this one again and see if it kick starts the soup making once more.

Diet Coke Chicken

I went “WTF?” when I first heard about this so many years ago now.  A bit like Mushy Pea Curry – I was reluctant to try it at first. But Diet Coke Chicken is a thing as these guys prove over on “Pinch of Nom” – here. As they say in their blurb – there’s so many variations on the theme. I’ve even heard of people using sugar-free Tango for it too.  It’s one of those that I have in the back of my mind to do with the Pepsi Max Ginger drink that’s now available – it looks like the guys there have done just that.  I will say for all those who say “but chicken is expensive” – yes it is. Quorn “chicken” pieces are not so bad though – generally around £1.50 a bag. And makes the dish just as well as the “real deal”. I’ve done it with Quorn in the past. Also keep an eye out on yellow label goods for things like mange tout & baby corn in one pack. Same for bean sprouts.

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