A Insight into Part of My Motivation to Lose Weight.

About this time on this day 7 years ago I got on a plane. No big deal there – people get on planes all the time. I was only able to get on that plane however due to loosing weight – there is a 15st weight limit for that particular plane journey. As we getting ready to board my “companion” asked a question – “Why am I doing this?” – I could only answer “Because I can – now”. He enquired as to what I meant by that. “Because even 6 months ago – I wouldn’t have been able to because I was too heavy” – prompting a discussion of weight loss and Slimming World all the way to the plane.

The end of a plane ride and the start of the journey to earth.

It had been three months earlier to that (almost to the day) that I had rather rashly on a stage announced my intention to take that plane journey in front of a crowd of at least 100 Slimming World dignitaries. There was no backing out after that – it had to be done.

Unfortunately as time went on, the weight went back on and I wouldn’t be able to do that same journey at the moment (even if I could afford to). But its memories like this that keep me plodding forward. To say it’s been “slow” would be an understatement but I know I will get there and maybe even undertake the same journey again when I do. (maybe without a “companion” this time and do it solo).

I’ll be lying if I said I haven’t been tempted to give it all up due to my lack of progress – but I’d be in a worse place now then I am if I did so. I may not be making much forward head way, but then again I haven’t done a complete backslide which would be easy enough to do if I stopped attending group – after all it was stopping attending group that helped lead to me putting the weight back on in the first place.

Attending group however will get me where I want to be – eventually. Last time I was the hare, this time I’m the tortoise (seemingly attached to a bungee cord). I’ll hopefully cut that bungee cord though but that won’t be possible if I stopped coming to group.

The event 3 months before was the 2010 Greatest Loser competition, the plane journey was a one way trip to 12500 feet. Getting back to ground level from 12500feet was the real journey of the day – the plane went up with 20 or so people in it (including the pilot), but it came down with just the pilot in it – the rest of us fell to earth under the power of gravity, not an engine with just a piece of cloth to slow our descent.

Would I do it again? Hell yeah. Though I have thoughts of walking down the outside of the Lift Tower in Northampton first. (Oh did I mention I’m scared of heights?).

I can do this. We can all get where we want to be. As a “wise person” once told me – “Imagine, Believe, Achieve”. I can easily imagine it – I’ve been there. I believe I can get there and I’m blimming well going to go out there and achieve it. We all can – never stop imagining and believing and we can all achieve what we want to achieve.



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