Why I’m not a Slimming World Consultant

So one thing I get told on a regular basis is that I would “make a good consultant”. Maybe I would; maybe I wouldn’t. The fact is that I’m not and that’s for a number of reasons.

Let’s be frank for a few moments

Consultants (on a whole) do a wonderful job. Always there to help and sometimes that does seem to include being there 24/7. Don’t forget that there’s all the admin, publicity, etc that also has to be done that most people don’t even see.

Have I thought of becoming a consultant?

Hell Yeah. There have been two times that I’ve looked into the possibility. However things happened both those times to hint that then may not be the right time.

First time – early 2011

The first time I considered it was coming off the back of the National Greatest Loser finals in 2011.  I’d just been made redundant after over 4 years (almost 5) at my then employer. I went to a local “Ops Event” (where they go through the ins and outs of becoming a consultant) and sought advice.  Unfortunately I only listened to one source of advice and was basically told that if I did decide to go down that route that there would be no financial help available.

Second time – September(ish) 2012

I was still unemployed (after the redundancy mentioned above). In speaking to a different organisation than the one previously talked to and I got better advice and found out that there would be help available. However that idea of becoming a consultant would have been the result of a chain of chances brought together to realise that dream. Or in other words – I had no money, no car and was lodging with a friend at the time.

I then got offered somewhere of my own to live. Shortly after that I was offered a contracting job. That would fix two of the above. The contract turned permanent but it was shift work – including (eventually) Saturdays. So i had money, I had my own place, but no car (which was corrected after a few months) and no time.

Fast Forward to 2017

So here we are almost 5 years later.  There is still a thought in the back of my head about one day becoming a consultant.  Now is not the right time though.

  • Once again, I have no car (a rather essential piece of equipment – for transporting everything you need to run a group).
  • I have no money (Living on benefits is a killer as far as the bank account is concerned).
  • My health is not perfect – and I’m not sure I could cope with running a group – though steps are being taken to improve on that.
  • I do however have a lot of time (with not working).

Things to consider for the future

The life of a consultant isn’t necessarily an easy one. There’s the admin work,  preparing for group, running group, yet more admin after group. Then there’s the publicity work that needs to be done. And all that has to fit around your normal family life, as well as almost being on 24/7 call from members. I’ve heard of occasions of consultants being woken up by calls at 2am/3am from members asking “how many syns in a kebab?” after a drunken night out. (if you have a drunken urge for a kebab – then I’m not sure the syns of a kebab are going to matter once you take the syns on the alcohol into account).

The downside

There are a lot of good consultants – however it is very much a matter of personality. You can go to a group and not “click” with that consultant. As you may find anywhere in life – not everyone is going to “click” with anyone else.

There’s no problem in these cases in finding another group.  Shop around; try a different group for a week or two before transferring your membership to the new consultant. Even try a different session run by the same consultant – every session seems to have its own “personality”.

To finish

The ladies and guys who take on the role of being a consultant are fabulous.  I’ve met many consultants over the years and you can tell that they do genuinely love their role. And without them – there simply wouldn’t be the groups and the kind of weight losses that you see.

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