I’m confused…

This post could very easily have fitted into the last one (but if I’m being honest – I forgot to do so). It’s not often I get confused about weight loss/management matters and even less so that I admit to it.

What am I confused about?

What is Slimming World food, and more importantly why don’t significant others/older children like it?

(I’m excusing younger children here though I grew up being told “you get what you get and you’ll eat it or go hungry”).

I see/hear of people cooking three separate dishes – theirs, their OH’s and the kids. Because the kids won’t eat “diet food” and neither does the OH.

“Diet Food”?

What counts as “diet food”? I don’t know. Yes, within out weight loss journeys we do minimise on using oils and fats. We do forsake the takeaway and the ready meals. But we don’t have to have salad with every meal. I’ll maybe eat one salad a fortnight – to go with whatever cold cuts I may have in the fridge from the night before.

I have to admit to not being a pizza fan even before my Slimming World journey but I still once in a blue moon enjoy a Chinese takeaway. I’ve just changed from my previous deep fried everything to lower syn options. In fact I still have a deep fried pancake roll – all 9 syns of it.

OK – I don’t have to cook for an “Other Half” or for kids. But I wouldn’t class most of my meals as being what is traditionally seen as “Diet Food”. I can have a roasted joint and all the trimmings – I do forsake the chicken skin. I’m not a big gravy fan, but if I really wanted it, i could make a very deep flavoured red onion gravey that also happens to be syn free. I’m not adverse to once in a while having steak and chips – with a side of roasted veg. Yes, they’re Slimming World chips and not deep fried or from a bag in the freezer. No, the steak isn’t basted in butter with a rosemary spring, garlic and herbs but I’m not presenting the dish to Gordon Ramsey either.

My viewpoint

“Healthy eating” does not equate to “diet food”. Give me traditional type foods done well but in a healthy way over a piece of dry chicken breast and a few leaves any day. I’ll take a full english for a brunch (grilled, baked/roasted, with sunny side up eggs done in Frylight) and slices of a roasted gammon joint with new potatoes and whatever veg i can get my hands on. And if I didn’t have the tight budget I have, I’d eat like that every day (sneaking in some HeB cereal bars if i got peckish as a snack or maybe a grapenut pudding for desert).

“diet food” – what’s that then?

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