Holiday Time

“We’re all going on a summer holiday; No more working for a week or two.
Fun and laughter on our summer holiday; No more worries for me or you,
For a week or two.”

holiday cliff top image
We’re all going on a Summer Holiday.

It’s summer – not that you’d believe it the way the British weather is at the moment. The kids are not in school and people prepare (or have already been) away on their holidays.

It’s also a time that you see a lot of posts on social media of the type that boils down to:

“I’ve just got back from holiday and I’ve enjoyed the food and drink and don’t want to face the scales at my next weigh in”

Holiday Mode On

Some people manage to stay on plan whilst away. Whilst others will succumb to the poolside/beachside/tourist-trap food temptations and we won’t even mention the booze. Some even go on holiday with no intention of staying on plan at all. Your choice how you handle it – though those who try to make wise choices are less likely to have the larger gains when they get back obviously.

Let’s keep things “real”

Those that know me and have seen my posts in the past on social media will know that I’m not one to “dress things up”. I’m not going to tell someone that “it’ll be OK, just do a couple of SP days and that’ll get you sorted before you weigh in next”.  My personal belief is that you’ve been on holiday, you’ve enjoyed it but you’re back now and time to get back on track. In these situations it’s more about getting back on plan and back in control than a quick fix to undo the damage of unlimited sangrias or lots of Cornish clotted cream teas. Own up to the holiday gain.  It’s rarely as bad as people think it’s going to be.

So what is the “reality”?

You were on holiday. This means that you aren’t always going to be able to make the best choices.

It means trips out to the beach, the museums, the theme parks, the whatever else people do on holiday. And yes – that may also mean relaxing in the evening with a bottle of whatever or a few good measures of everything else.

It may also have meant trying any local specialities. If I went to France – I’m going to want to hunt out and try the local cheeses. If i went to Italy then it’ll be the local speciality pasta dish. If I ever get back to New Orleans – I’m going to be eating gumbo or jambalaya or any other Cajun or Creole dish that takes my fancy. It’s (to me) part of the holiday experience.  It’s going to mean not having total control of what’s served or how it’s cooked. These are traditional foods made in traditional ways. If that’s “your thing” then enjoy them.

One thing about holiday gains – they rarely seem to stick around for long. This is because people tend to get straight back 100% on plan very soon after they get home. It’s those that stay in “holiday mode” that will struggle.  Make preparation for when you get home. Ensure the freezer has a few things ready for getting back on plan in case you can’t get fresh ingredients in for a day or two. Arrange a supermarket order to be delivered the day you return. Ask a friend to get you a few groceries (give them a list) and drop them around the day after.

Plus holidays seem to end up meaning lots of extra walking, swimming, running around the beach, etc. – all activity that you’d probably not do as much of at home. So you’ve eaten off plan and drunk more, but you’ve also done probably done a heck of a lot more activity in the process – which will help balance things out a bit.

And back in the real world:

If we look at the lucky b*****s who don’t (usually) have to worry about their weight – they go on holiday, have a few drinks more than usual, possibly eat out more than usual, have an ice cream (or two) a day compared to maybe once a week.

They come back home and maybe put on a few extra pounds. They don’t typically worry about it – they just get back to routine, maybe cut a treat or two out for a few weeks and before they know it – they’re back to where they like to be. You’ve been on holiday, you’ve enjoyed it (I hope), and got straight back on plan. That’s the equivalent to those “lucky b*****s cutting back a little. Why worry? If the scales do show a gain – it’ll be gone in no-time at all I’m sure.

Don’t be frightened by the “little black platform of doom”. Your life should not be dictated by the read out on the scales. Things happen in life. You go away. You have birthdays and other special occasions. Enjoy them. Make wise choices as/when you can but accept that on holiday that’s not always going to be possible/desirable. The one key thing is what happens once the holiday is over. Dilly-dally around and any holiday gain is going to stick around and probably added to. Get back on plan at the first opportunity and before you know it – your holiday gain has taken its own holiday.



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