Grape-Nut (or Grapenut) Pudding – a simple version

So I’ve mentioned Grape-Nuts a few times on the shopping/bargain pages.  They make a nice crunchy breakfast cereal and are also popular done in the “overnight oats” style (replacing oats with the Grape-nuts of course). Personally though, my favourite preparation is as a desert (that could also be eaten for breakfast) – Grape-nut Pudding.

An older box (The newer ones say "9g of protein"
An older box (The newer ones say “9g of protein”

Now I’d not even heard of Grape-Nuts till about 5 years ago when I was introduced to them by an American friend. The friend challenged me to find a recipe for Grape-Nut pudding (an apparent staple in some parts of the States) – a recipe we could both enjoy.

Took a little hunting down – and unfortunately I can’t remember which site I got the basic recipe from – but I found one that met my criteria:

  • Simple
  • Cheap
  • No fuss

There are hundreds of variations on the Grape-Nut pudding theme and a quick Google search will reveal them all.  Most call for a hot-water bath (or Bain-marie) – the one I use doesn’t though.


  • 40g of Post Grape-Nuts (Healthy Extra B or 7.5 syns)
  • 250ml of Semi-Skimmed Milk (Healthy Extra A or 6 syns)
  • small amount of vanilla/vanilla extract/vanilla essence to taste
  • 2 tablespoons of sweetener (1syn)
  • 2 eggs
  • nutmeg to taste (optional)
  • Dried fruits (optional – syn accordingly).

This makes one large serving (or two smaller ones) – if sharing the above (and assuming equal shares), then half the syns of the Grape-Nuts and milk (or make up for them to the full Healthy Extra allowances.  So one HiFi bar and 20g of low fat cheddar for example.


  1. In a deep casserole style dish, put the Grape-Nuts, sweetener and if using the nutmeg/dried fruits
  2. Add the milk and vanilla and mix
  3. Beat the eggs together before pouring into the dish and mix again.
  4. (I like to leave the dish to stand for 30minutes at this point).
  5. Put into a preheated oven at 150c for about 40/45minutes, turn up oven to 200c and leave for another 15/20 minutes.  The grapenuts at the bottom should be bubbling slight and the egg mix on top set firm.
Grape-Nut (or Grapenut) Pudding
Grape-Nut (or Grapenut) Pudding

Serve – either with real custard if you have the syns spare, or a low fat vanilla yogurt from the Muller Light range (or other syn free/low syn alternative such as Aldi’s own) (UPDATE – Fat Free fruit flavoured yogurts are no longer syn free – please check on Syns Online for updated values). Or leave to cool, cover and put in the fridge over night.



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