Giving Up.

“I’m close to giving up”. “I want to give up”. “I’m thinking of giving up”.

No, not me – I’m not giving up. Just a common thread from  any social media dealing with weight loss, or just life in general. Usually preceded by something like “I’ve not lost anything in the last few weeks”.

"Never Stop Dreaming" and say "no" to "giving up"
“Never Stop Dreaming” and say “no” to “giving up”

My views on “giving up”.

First of all – the people who go “I’m close to giving up” or “I’m thinking of giving up” are looking for an excuse. Be that an excuse to stop going to group or an excuse to keep going. They’re typically followed by a shed load of comments offering all sorts of reasons in the name of support.  How many of those who say that they “giving up” actually do? I suspect only a handful.

So really considering pulling the plug on your weight-loss journey? Why? Really why? What has brought you to this?

“I’ve not lost any or much weight for a couple of weeks”

So you’ve had a few weeks without a loss. Did you gain all your excess weight in a few weeks? No. Did you lose your excess weight in a few weeks? No. I will always say that gains and maintains are part of the journey – it’s a rare person who has neither along the way.

Use this as an opportunity to fine tune how you approach the plan. Go back to week 1. Read the book. Pretend it’s your first week – maybe follow my tips for “newbies”. Are you weighing/measuring your Healthy Extras? Are you counting your syns properly?

“The Plan isn’t working for me”

How isn’t it working for you? Extra Easy was designed to be just that. Easy. Easy to follow and easy to adapt into your lifestyle. It may take a bit of work. It will need rethinking on how you prepare and shop for food. You will have to make changes.  Change though is good. It’s by making the right changes to make the plan fit into your lifestyle that is going to produce results. If you are however unwilling to change – then as my consultant is fond of saying “If nothing changes then nothing changes”.

Change is also essential when you feel that you are getting no where. Weight not shifting – change something. Add more speed foods. If you eat the same cereal every morning as your Healthy Extra B – change cereals or have bread or a tin of soup at lunch time (some can be used for Healthy Extra B choices – but you’ll have to check Syns Online for which and how much of the tin).

Learn to identify your “trigger” foods and find ways around it. I’ve documented my “cheese monster” before – I rarely keep cheese in the flat any more. There is a tub of cheese triangles in the fridge but I’m unlikely to want to unwrap them and eat them “as-is”.  I don’t buy 6 packs of Muller Light for the same reason. I limit it to buying 2 or 3 from Aldi. That way if the urge hits, I’m limiting the amount of “damage” that can be done. I rarely keep bread in for the same reason – if I remember to split it for the freezer – not so much of a problem, but if it’s sat there waiting for me – it’ll get eaten. ((UPDATE – Fat Free fruit flavoured yogurts are no longer syn free – please check on Syns Online for updated values))

“I don’t have the time for all the shopping and cooking”

Mmmm. You had the time for all the shopping and cooking before Slimming World. Is it really that much more? Possibly to start with as you learn about the plan but eventually regular items you’ll know without looking them up. (Though beyond fruit/veg/meat – it’s worthwhile checking every so often – things do change from time to time after all).

But yes, you will probably spend more time in the kitchen than before. Especially if your previous lifestyle involved piercing the plastic film and throwing in the microwave or oven. You know what – I rarely peel veg. Wash, trim and chop and into the pan. I do fall into the trap of buying pre-chopped vegetables from time to time. It’s the more expensive way of doing it but it’s easier – especially if I want anything “finely diced”. I just don’t have the patience to do it myself a lot of the time. But spending that time in the kitchen is working on something to help yourself.

The “Bottom Line”on “Giving up”

Giving up is easy. Loosing weight takes work and effort. Not necessarily physical effort but mental effort. The only thing you are giving up on though is yourself. You giving up is not going to affect your group. It’s not going to affect social media. You, You, You. That’s all you’ll be giving up on – yourself. Aren’t you worth more than that?

Is a few week of maintains (or even relatively minor gains) worth giving up on your dream? How much have you lost over all though in the last month? Two months? 3 Months? Year? Across the entire journey. Are you ready to give up on that because of a few bad weeks? A bad month?

If I had given up because of a few bad weeks – I’d have given up over 12months ago. I keep going. I keep plugging away at it. Because the result of giving up just isn’t worth it. The weight will be back on before I know it. The inability to walk around the town centre (and it’s not a very big town centre) without having to stop 2 or 3 times will come back. I’ll be having tremendous problems with my knees and hips. I’d probably be housebound (and most definitely not have any kind of regular social interaction) and in all honesty – I’d probably either be dead or wishing I was. That is why I will never be “giving up” on my weight loss dreams.  I’ve gained too much by the weight I’ve lost so far to give up now.

Feel Good
Don’t be giving up. Make today a good day and get a head start on making tomorrow a good day too.

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