A slight departure from the norm… And site news. Plus a video.

But only a slight one – I promise…

So there already exists the “Who is behind TheThriftyDieter” posts – Part 1; Part 2; and Part 3. Part 4 is somewhere in the works but I figured – I’d just jump ahead a few years and put up this slide show.

Disclaimer – this is actually a year old and not a recent work. I did intend to upload this earlier but it never quite felt like the right time till now.

(If the video above doesn’t work – you can view it directly in YouTube here)

Why now? What “Site News”?

Those two questions are linked. If you follow the Facebook page – I’ve already posted that I’m going to take things in a different direction. I’ll admit – I’ve struggled finding new and/or original takes on recipes. I have to be thrifty with the money and so I don’t necessarily have funds to experiment with creating new recipes (which could take multiple attempts and the costs associated each time).

The Competition:

I also am simply outdone by the many sites out there offering recipes for Slimming World friendly meals (albeit not always with tight budgets in mind). Sites such as:
(I’ve highlighted a few of these sites before on my “Favourite Recipes from around the net” post).

So you said “Why now? What “Site News”?”

So – I got a little ahead of myself. Sorry. So as per the above, I’m moving away from recipes. That’s not to say I won’t be doing some from time to time but I just can’t compete with the big well know blogs like some of the ones above. Plus I feel I’ve moved away from “Thrift” being the focus.

The YouTube video above is a taster of what is to come. I’m going to be making more videos on things I do in the house to cut costs, make things go further, and such forth. There will still be the journey posts, and the rant/musings. I won’t be taking you on video trips around the supermarkets though. 🙂 But I may start doing the “bargain” updates again (Let me know in the comments if you want to see those – and would you want them on the Facebook page or as posts on here?).

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