Challenge Me

OK Folks…  Challenge Me.

Challenge Me
Challenge me and lets see what ideas may come up.

There’s a ton of recipes out there across the Internet that are either:

  • Adapted to be Slimming World friendly
  • Created to be Slimming World friendly

And in many cases – when you start looking at the ingredients – the costs add up and up and up.

So challenge me

Give me a meal idea, a recipe, or a link to someone else’s recipe and I’ll go through how I would make it cheaper or go further in the name of being “thrifty”. I’ll try to price it up through one of the Big” supermarkets (probably Tesco, but maybe Waitrose on a very rare occasion).

And anything that particularly catches my eye – I’ll attempt to make using my cut price alternatives.

So go on – Challenge me by leaving a comment below with recipe links, etc and let’s get creative.   🙂

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