How Much? Can I? Do I? What?

“How much can I lose by ***?”

“Do I have to syn ***?”

“Can I have ***?”

All are common questions on weight loss/management social media forums/groups. I tend to ignore them these days but there’s so many posts that read like this. So let’s address some of them.

Can I? Do I? Should I?

“Can I lose X by Y?”

I don’t know – can you? Now if you want to lose 5 stone by the week after next then you are on a hiding to nothing or I guess you could amputate all your limbs.

Be realistic people. The weight didn’t go on overnight and it’s not going to come off overnight either. The medical profession gives a figure of 1-2lbs as being a healthy weight loss. That’s your base number. If you have a stone to lose then it’s going to take at best 7 weeks to do so.

OK – that’s not strictly true – extra good weeks happen and some of us lose weight faster than others. It’s just a matter of knowing your limits and being realistic. Nothing wrong with stretching yourself slightly but just be realistic.

“Do I have to Syn ****? “

If the plan days that something is X syns, then it’s X syns. There’s no debate. If you want to be able to put your hand on your heart and truthfully say that you have been on plan then that means you have to syn things whether you want to or not. Otherwise you are “tweaking“.

“Can I have *?”

Do you want “*”? Do you know the syns (or points or calories depending on your choice of weight loss program)? Whilst some other weight loss programs will “ban” certain foods, Slimming World’s Food Optimising does not – that’s one of the many reasons why I like it.

Nothing is banned/forbidden – they give you the information and “rules” after that you can choose if you want that particular food item.

“I’ve brought *** – what do I do with it?”

I see this all the time and the first thought that goes through my head is “if you didn’t know how to use it, why the frack did you buy it?”. You can guarantee that in most cases that they’ll end up throwing it away when it goes out of date. Doesn’t matter if it was reduced – unused food in the bin is bad. Unused food in the bin is a waste of money, and hardly being thrifty. (had to get a thrift reference in there somewhere).

Don’t get me wrong – I’m all up for trying new things but I’ll make sure that there’s something I can make with it before I buy it. I’m also not advocating a “got to clear my plate” mentality. Cooked food is wasteful if not consumed but we shouldn’t eat it for the sake of it and nowhere near as bad as throwing something out that hasn’t been opened because it was brought on a whim without a clue how to use it.

Have I missed any out?  Comment below.  🙂

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All change (September 2018 Food Optimising Syn Updates)

So anyone following any of the Slimming World related groups on the various Social Media sites will have probably seen a billion posts about the Syn Updates that Slimming World have released in September 2018. I guess this post now makes it a billion and one.  🙂

All Change
All Change – Syn Updates 2018

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Let’s talk terminology

Let’s talk terms.

Dictionary - a list of terms and terminology?
Dictionary – or just a list of terms and their meanings

There’s all sorts of words/terms used to describe weight loss or weight management plans/journeys.

The first few I’ve just mentioned – “weight loss” or “weight management” . Then there’s the sometimes negative word “diet”. Then there’s plan specific terms such as “Syns” or “points”.

What on earth do they all mean? Here’s my opinions on them all.

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The Importance of Being Selfish

Oft times I see on various online discussion forums (be it Facebook or elsewhere) things like “it’s just about helping one another” and similar things.
You also see a lot of people asking for information on syns.

We only share essentially small parts of our journey with others. The rest is “me time” and that’s not really selfish.

I’m all for helping people, and sharing, however I am also rather selfish – I go to these discussion boards/groups/whatever for ME. To help ME. To find out information for ME and if in the process I help other people – then that’s good. But it’s also time to be selfish.


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Hidden Dangers – and not so hidden ones of eating out

Life out there for those of us on any kind of weight management journey is full of hidden dangers.  There’s countless social media posts about “I went to so-and-so place and ordered X but it came slathered with oil/butter/dressing”.

What hidden dangers are in your day?

So what are these hidden dangers and how do we know and avoid them?

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Team work

Like any good football match – there’s (in my opinion) two “teams” that matter in terms of my own SW journey. Team 1 is the group (and you can read my views on the importance of group over here). I’m not going to rehash that – just move onto team 2 – the social team.

Either the second or third most important thing for a good group – the social team.

“Second or Third”?

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