Bulb – Cheaper electric and gas?

So first – please please please do your research on whether you believe that switching electricity and/or gas provider is going to be cheaper for you. Whilst I did the swap recently and all the comparisons came in at at least £50 a year savings, I do know people who have done the same comparisons and not achieved that great a saving (or even that moving to Bulb) is more expensive. You can get a quote direct from Bulb via that link, or use any of the comparison websites out there – comparethemarket.com; moneysupermarket.com; or any of the other ones out there.

Once you are satisfied about the potential savings – and opt to switch – please consider applying directly with Bulb (not through the comparison) sites using this link here

By doing so, we both will, upon the completion of the switch, receive a bonus. At the moment it’s £50 each (cash or credit depending on your meter type), though sometimes it can be more than that (they recently had a period where it was £100 each).

These referral/transfer rewards are only available through links such as this one. If you do it through a comparison site – you get nothing (but the comparison site probably gets something – why feed the pockets of a big corporation?).

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