The Importance of Being Selfish

Oft times I see on various online discussion forums (be it Facebook or elsewhere) things like “it’s just about helping one another” and similar things.
You also see a lot of people asking for information on syns.

We only share essentially small parts of our journey with others. The rest is “me time” and that’s not really selfish.

I’m all for helping people, and sharing, however I am also rather selfish – I go to these discussion boards/groups/whatever for ME. To help ME. To find out information for ME and if in the process I help other people – then that’s good. But it’s also time to be selfish.


Because this journey is about ME. It’s MY journey. It’s MY body, it’s what I eat. I’m the one putting the food in MY mouth. I might care to share that journey with others. I may share what I’m eating with others – but at the end of the day – it’s all about ME.

I like that people are so happy to share information about syns and recipe ideas – but excuse me whilst I go check Syns Online for MY benefit and MY peace of mind – as I say – it’s MY lips that I am putting MY food into as part of MY journey.

Is this the wrong attitude to have?

No. Everyone’s weight loss journey is individual to them. If they share in group on weigh-in day or on a Facebook page – we are mere observers of their journey who may share a bit of the same stretch of road with them – sometimes we may overtake them, or they will over take us. But at the end of the day – it is as I’ve already said – an individual journey. We have to take individual responsibility for that journey and do it for ourselves, never for others. Undertaking this journey because that’s what “So-and-So” wants is a long route to being defeated.

Celebrate with others as they meet the milestones in their journey as they will celebrate as you meet the milestones in yours but never lose sight of the fact that this is your journey. Be selfish, do what you have to do to be you on this journey – no-one’s going to do it for you. Take that “me time” that you need to plan, attend group, whatever in the comfort of knowing that being selfish now will hopefully bring good things for all around you later – a healthier, lighter you can be a blessing for your family, or your career, or any number of other things.

So is taking the time on your weight loss journey that you need really being selfish? It will appear so – not just to others, but maybe to yourself too. But further down the line – you will thank yourself for it, and maybe others will too. There’s nothing wrong with being selfish once in a while – especially when the benefits in the end are so great. Set that aim and go for it.

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