The Thrifty Dieter’s Thrifty Bargains & Savings – 10th August 2017

So I missed out a bargain post last week (I aim to do them every week). I just couldn’t find any new bargains that would fit under the “Thrifty” banner whilst also falling under being Food Optimising friendly. Actually that’s not quite true. There was (as every fortnight) a new Aldi “Super 6” offering. I didn’t feature that as I couldn’t get enthused about what’s in there.

Current (till 16/8/2017) Aldi “Super 6”:

So lets just list the current offering here

  • Blueberries (150g) – 99p a punnet
  • White grapes (500g) – 99p
  • Flat Peaches (1kg) – 99p
  • Blush Pears (minimum 5 to a bag) – 89p
  • Braeburn Apples (minimum 5 to a bag) – 99p
  • Papaya – 89p each

Don’t get me wrong – I like a lot on that list. And I can always freeze the blueberries and grapes (not tried frozen grapes yet? Go, do it now, stick a bunch in the freezer (may be easier to take them off the stalk first though but I’ve done it both ways before)). And I love papaya and blush pears. Braeburn’s are my second favourite apple (and my go to when russets aren’t available – which do tend to be very seasonal). But there’s little I can think of doing with most of these fruits. Yogurt/breakfast/desert toppings and snacks for the desk. Hardly exciting stuff is it?

However, the prices aren’t as low as you would usually associate with the “Super 6” which is off-putting in itself, and as a single person who just is not a big fruit eater – the 1Kg of peaches would end up being wasted so definitely not a bargain if I’m going to end up throwing half of them away.

There must be other bargains out there?

There are one or two but nothing particularly “new”. I did notice yesterday that Waitrose has one of the Alpro Almond drinks at £1 a carton (and not the usual £1.70/£1.80). I won’t be indulging just yet though. Last weekend my local Heron had the sweetened version in a long life carton at 39p each. OK, you get half the amount of that as a Healthy Extra A option on Slimming World than you do with the unsweetened, but at that price – I’ll just either cut back on recipes that may use the milk or take the 6 syn hit for the other half.

I’m a big fan of rice pudding and a friend recently gave me a tip about using Aborio risotto rice instead of a standard “pudding rice” or “short grain rice”. For Rice pudding – really any short grain rice will do the trick – regardless of the name on the label. Though I’ve never tried using paella rice yet which is different yet again to Aborio or pudding rice. However Waitrose has knocked about 45p off the price of their Aborio rice – was £1.36 but now 90p for a 500g pack (which even beats Tesco’s £2 for a 1Kg pack that I brought a fortnight ago).

And that folks is about it.  If I spot anything else whilst out and about – I’ll add it here or maybe just post it up on the Facebook page – you haven’t already clicked “like” and “follow”?  Why not? Get the news of not just updates to the site but the occasional “behind-the-scenes” look at what goes on in the background in running this blog – and even express your opinion on what’s working, what’s not working, and ideas going forward from here.  You can also find me on Instagram and I may even venture out to Twitter soon.



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