All change (September 2018 Food Optimising Syn Updates)

So anyone following any of the Slimming World related groups on the various Social Media sites will have probably seen a billion posts about the Syn Updates that Slimming World have released in September 2018. I guess this post now makes it a billion and one.  🙂

All Change
All Change – Syn Updates 2018

So what’s changed?

I could list everything but as they say – a picture speaks a thousand words.

List of updates to previously free foods - September 2018
September 2018 – syn updates

These are some pretty fundamental changes. These Syn Updates have been viewed by some as a “game changer” and has thrown social media upside down.

Things like instant mash (and it’s not just the Smash brand), and Muller lights have been syn free for so long that this has resulted in so many posts on social media. But Syn updates are part of the game and why the disclaimer down the side of each of my posts says to check for changes.

And whilst Muller lights may only be one syn now, this has a knock on effect on ALL fruit yogurt – all the syn values have changed it appears. (I haven’t looked at all my usual choices yet but the ones I have done have all changed – sometimes significantly).

The good news.

Yes, there’s good news with these Syn Updates. The addition of more dairy free options into the Healthy Extra lists (and even plain soya based yogurts moving onto the free food lists) is a good thing – there was this large disparity before where by those who were dairy free didn’t have a syn free option. So there are some winners from these Syn Updates.

Why am I dedicating a page to this?

Simply because this is such a fundamental update. As I say before these Syn updates – things like instant mash and Muller Lights had been a free food staple for many many people (including myself). I first did Slimming World back in 2002 – and they had been free foods from before then. I was a member the last time Muller lights were given a syn value (sometime around 2009/2010 if I recall) – not that they remained synned for very long – but I remember the uproar that cause. (That time though it was because Muller had changed the recipe – and not a general update from Slimming World).

What now?

If you wish to be able to stand up and be 100% honest when saying “I’ve followed the plan” then that means you have to include the Syns in relation to these Syn Updates. I have seen people suggest that as they’ve always lost eating the items that have been updated that they’re going to continue to treat them as syn free. That’s their choice. It’s the same when talking about synning “tweaks“. Your choice. But to be truly “on plan” you must count these new syn values.

“This is too complicated now” – and words to that effect.

No, it’s not complicated. It’d have been a help if there had been some kind of hand-out to group members but I hear that we may all be getting new books in January with the updates printed in it. It’s just a change. Syn values change all the time. Some go up, some go down. Things get added and removed from the Healthy Extra lists all the time too. It’s just going to take time to get used to the changes.

Any other changes?

Apart from these Syn Updates – there has appeared to be one other change – a minor one but probably a more accurate description. The “Syns Calculator” is now the “Syns Estimator”

What are your thoughts about these changes? A good thing? A bad thing? Comment below…

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