All change – Again. November 2018 news

So Slimming World head office have today (12th November 2018) released an overview of the changes that will be detailed in the new members pack (and Syns Online) when it’s released at around Christmas 2018 time.

Are there any real game changers? Yes. Everyone is allowed a second Healthy Extra A choice but we lose the second Healthy Extra B choice on SP and they’ve dropped the syns for SP.

There are also changes to the Healthy Extra choices coming up, some are major changes but that’s always happening – the list changes all the time.

I’ve decided not to go into details here. There is already a lot of headless chickens running around the various forums/groups and people objecting to the changes.

The changes are over a month away folks. Yes, it’s good to be preparing already but they aren’t “live” yet, there’s plenty of time to prepare and, for those of us who attend group, for your consultant to explain them to you, and the new books (due over Christmas) will do a much better jib at explaining the changes than the “press release” from Head Office this morning.

There really is nothing to worry or fret or panic about. Yes, there’s going to be a change of thinking involved with these changes. Yes, some may be a bit “inconvenient”. I dare say that once all the details are out that some recipes will need to be changed (or even removed entirely). But everything changes, they (Slimming World head office) work hard to ensure that, if we follow the plan, that the plan is structured to give us the best possible means of losing weight. Trust them. Trust the plan.

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