Hi, and welcome to the “personal” bit of the site.

So about myself:

I’m a forty something old single male (yes – men can join Slimming World – but that’s a future blog entry) living in Northamptonshire.  I’m officially on my 3rd Slimming World journey.  That said – I prefer to see the rejoining in 2015 as a continuation of my journey started in 2008 rather then a brand new journey.  I’ve gotten to target, I’ve put weight back on, and I’m on the road to target again.


Why “Thrifty”?

I want to prove along the way particularly that healthy eating does not have to be expensive which seems to be a common misconception.  OK, on paper, I do have an advantage – I’m single and therefore only have to cook for me. I say on paper – as it’s often actually more expensive to shop for one when you compare the prices of a “single serving” size item of food, compared to one aimed at serving 2 or 3 or 4 people.

As I’ve already said, I am not currently in employment and as such live on the state benefit system as a single person – I have to be thrifty and have to get the most out of the food I buy whilst spending the bare minimum where I can.

“Cheap, easy and plentiful” is my guidelines when going food shopping.

I want to spend as little as possible, and get the most of out it, but also as easy as possible, if faced with a recipe that requires an hour or so prep work and a million ingredients then I’m unlikely to ever make it.  However, if I can throw everything onto two baking trays and spray with fry-light and throw in the oven for 20 minutes – that’s more my style of cooking.  It’s not that I don’t have the time – I simply don’t have the energy/motivation/perseverance most of the time to spend that long cutting, peeling, stirring or whatever else the recipe is asking.  That said – I do also appreciate the “long and slow” method of cooking – just so long as there isn’t too much “faff” in the process.

So to sum it all up – most the recipes I’ll be posting are cheap, makes a lot and relatively “faff” free – all whilst following Slimming World’s Food Optimising plans.

Why a blog?

Over the years I’ve collated a large collection of recipes and other “witterings” on the subject of weight loss/management and till now have been posted in at least 4 different places across the internet- so this site gives me a chance to revisit those items, bring them together and give them all the same look and feel.

All this whilst also giving me the experience in running a blog, the use of the associated controlling software and associated activities such as Search Engine Optimisation techniques in order to expand my skill set ready for an eventual return to the work place once other medical problems are under control.

And the rest:

Now as the “Disclaimer” page states – the opinions that I express here are mine and mine alone and do not necessarily reflect those of Slimming World themselves.  I can from time to time seem to be blunt; I don’t believe in pussy footing around in a softly, softly manner.  I’ll get down to the heart of the matter (as I see it).  I also like to from time to time “challenge” – in that I don’t always answer a question directly and will say something to possibly make the reader challenge their own viewpoint/opinion.

Some of the links on this blog are to external sites – some of which I may be paid for should you purchase anything from that link. Again – this is part of the skill base I’m hoping to learn – turning this site into something that covers it’s own running costs.

So sit back, relax and hopefully enjoy this little corner of the net with my witterings and recipe ideas and just generally keeping it real.

Oh – one thing I’m generally not thrifty with is words – I’ll frequently use a lot of them but then they don’t cost money.  🙂

(And where are the seemingly “obligatory” before/during/after pics? They’ll be added in time – but for now – going to keep this “anonymous”.  Maybe I’ll reveal myself at a certain milestone (visitors/likes/page views) as a “reward”, who knows).