An announcement regarding the future of this site

First of all – Happy New Year to all and I hope that 2019 is a good year for you and yours.

I’ve been kind of lax with updating of late. Whilst time constraints has been a large factor in this, I have also run out of ideas and not found any prompts to write about things going on around me. I did have a thought in the middle of 2018 to go in the direction of doing the occasional podcast type thing but either there was too much background noise or I just hated the way I came across on playing it back to myself.

Whilst there will still be updates to the site, it is time to make a few changes. The main one will be that the link will slowly change to a different host. I simply can’t justify the cost of paying for the hosting anymore. Though it’s not much (about £7 a month currently plus £20 a year for the domain name) – the site simply isn’t paying for itself – it’ll be 2 years old in June and I have yet to receive a single penny from the site. (this isn’t a plea for some money but just the facts). I can’t currently carry on with that cost for no return on the investment. (it’s a simple business decision).

The site as it is will slowly be moved to a website, once I settle on a new name (thethriftydieter.wordpress. Com is already taken). And I slowly transition the site to remove all the plugins that I can’t use on a basic free WordPress site.

This will be in place and moved over fully by April.