What a waste of £4.95 a Week (Or why I stay to group).

Being thrifty isn’t just about saving money, it’s also about spending it wisely and getting the greatest “bang for your buck”. £4.95 a week is the weekly membership fee for the standard Slimming World member. There are also concessions available and other ways to save on weekly fee’s such as countdowns. As someone on a tight budget – the last thing I want to be doing is wasting my money. £4.95 could be anything up to 6 or even more meals*. However so many people come in, weigh, and then leave straight away.

* – check my mushy pea curry recipe or my veggie mince and veg recipe . These both cost about £3/£3.50 to make and can easily get at least 6 servings from them.

£5 and change
£5 and change… How best to get the maximum boost for your £4.95 a week investment and why I stay to group.

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Tasty Taster Temptations

So (as at time of writing) we’re heading into taster season at Slimming World groups with the “Earliest Christmas Party in Town” coming up soon, followed by “Miss Slinky” and “Mr Sleek” and then no doubt a proper Christmas party sometime before the 25th December – I thought I’d run through some of the things I usually take to taster sessions.

Cinnamon Swirl.
Cinnamon Swirls – OK these are a full fat version (I don’t have any pictures of the recipe below) but the same effect is the aim (but you won’t get as many swirls)

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