10 years – a review of the past and the future

So, I’ve just passed the 10 year anniversary of walking through the doors of a local Slimming World group.

It’s been a roller coaster of a ride.

10years. Admittedly there were a few gaps, times that I couldn’t easily get to group and even a period where I’d fallen by the wayside and out of love with myself.

It’s been an odd 10yrs, that’s for certain.

I’ve gone to many groups with many different consultants. Some of them are even still consultants today. 🙂

I’ve lost of lot of weight (almost 16 stone at one point). Fell out of love with myself and put weight back on and lost about 5 stone of the weight gain since.

I’ve made the national finals of Slimming World’s “Greatest Loser” (twice) and “Man of the Year”.

I’ve walked up a mountain, fallen out of a plane and walked over burning coals. There was even a period where I could be found on a tennis court every week (alas that class got cancelled).

I’ve relearnt how to cook. I’ve developed a few favourite recipes (such as most of the ones on this site).

10 years since an awful looking wedding photo (not my wedding) and a forthcoming second wedding (again not my wedding) and not wanting to “ruin” (my words) a second set of photos. That was my initial prompt to walk into a cramped and chilly dressing room on the 1st December 2008. (Temporary quarters due to the usual room being double booked).

10 years since thinking “I’ll give this a go” with not much hope of being successful. What did I know that that one scary walk would change my life so much.

I’ve done things I’d never dream of before. I’ve made friends I’d never have met otherwise. I’ve learnt skills that I never thought I’d learn/need. And I’m still learning, doing, and meeting people today.

It’s not been an easy ride. I came back to group after a very bad breakdown 4 years ago, knowing that I would feel better by losing some of what I had gained. Losing the gain will never be a fix all solution, lets be honest about that. But it’ll help set me up to being in a better place.

I’ll be honest, my loss record has reached a “plateau”. This is purely my fault. I find staying on plan difficult and give in to temptation far too easily. This is part and parcel of the recovery from the breakdown.

I’ll get where I want to be. I’ll be able to fall out of a plane again if I wish. I will walk/run up three mountains and across Hadrians Wall. I may even dangle from a rope from the top of a tall building.

I’ve stuck with Slimming World for (most of) the last 10 year and plan to stick with it for the next 10 years. I’ve gained too much from losing weight (and even standing still as it is at the moment).

We’re currently at the tail end of 2018. I’m walking into 2019 with the full intention of ending 2019at a much lower weight. This will be purely for myself. I’m not doing it for anyone else. I need to do this for me.

It’s going to be a good year ahead. I won’t be at target but I’ll be moving forward. 2020 will be the year tbat I will be dangling from a rope – I have 12+ months to get to a weight that I feel comfortable to do so.

That’s just one milestone. I need to think up some others. But I will get there. I know that I will. I believe that I will.

A wise person once told a room full of members from across the country “Imagine, Believe, Achieve”. Imagine where you want to be; Believe that you will get there; and go out and Achieve it. There’s always going to be obstacles thrown in the way. There is no guarantee that you can lose every week. If you give up on the journey, you are only giving up on yourself. I’m not going to give up on myself again.

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