Let’s talk terminology

Let’s talk terms.

Dictionary - a list of terms and terminology?
Dictionary – or just a list of terms and their meanings

There’s all sorts of words/terms used to describe weight loss or weight management plans/journeys.

The first few I’ve just mentioned – “weight loss” or “weight management” . Then there’s the sometimes negative word “diet”. Then there’s plan specific terms such as “Syns” or “points”.

What on earth do they all mean? Here’s my opinions on them all.

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The Importance of Being Selfish

Oft times I see on various online discussion forums (be it Facebook or elsewhere) things like “it’s just about helping one another” and similar things.
You also see a lot of people asking for information on syns.

We only share essentially small parts of our journey with others. The rest is “me time” and that’s not really selfish.

I’m all for helping people, and sharing, however I am also rather selfish – I go to these discussion boards/groups/whatever for ME. To help ME. To find out information for ME and if in the process I help other people – then that’s good. But it’s also time to be selfish.


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Hidden Dangers – and not so hidden ones of eating out

Life out there for those of us on any kind of weight management journey is full of hidden dangers.  There’s countless social media posts about “I went to so-and-so place and ordered X but it came slathered with oil/butter/dressing”.

What hidden dangers are in your day?

So what are these hidden dangers and how do we know and avoid them?

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Team work

Like any good football match – there’s (in my opinion) two “teams” that matter in terms of my own SW journey. Team 1 is the group (and you can read my views on the importance of group over here). I’m not going to rehash that – just move onto team 2 – the social team.

Either the second or third most important thing for a good group – the social team.

“Second or Third”?

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Common Weight Management Mistakes

There will be some repetition with the “Top Myths” (Part 1; Part 2; Part 3) and the “tips for newbies” articles – I’ll apologise about that right from the start. “Mistakes” may be the wrong word for it, but it’s a general “catch-all” term that’ll do. This article will have a distinct Slimming World bias, but it’ll apply equally to other plans as well I imagine.

Mistake 1 – Comparing to other plans/ideologies

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“Entitlement” on Social Media – a rant

(I’ll start by saying that everything below is based on my opinions, my view-point and my experiences and that I realise this post may not agree with everyone. This won’t necessarily match up with your experiences, etc. – but if we all agreed on everything the world would be a boring place.  As always – I welcome feedback and comments and encourage you to share your viewpoints. However please be respectful if doing so).

Once upon a time I was extremely active on Social Media. I’m nowhere near that now. There’s various reasons for this but one of those is the sense of “entitlement” that some people seem to have.

What do I mean by “Entitlement”?

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“Here & Now” Vs. “The Big Picture” – the Route to Target. Take 2.

The route to target is an interesting one. It’s very rare for someone to get to target without at least some kind of “blip” along the way.

This post is a follow on from my previous one on this subject tackling it in slightly more depth.

Mountain Road with switchbacks - the route to target
The route to target is often a bendy one…

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